Chapter 2.26


2.26.010    Created – Supervision and control.

2.26.020    Fire chief – Appointment – Removal.

2.26.030    Powers and duties.

2.26.040    Appointment of firemen.

2.26.050    Personnel.

2.26.060    Advancement of firemen.

2.26.070    Disciplinary powers.

2.26.080    Report of and appeal from disciplinary action.

2.26.010 Created – Supervision and control.

There is created and established a fire department, consisting of full paid and volunteer firemen, to be operated under the direction and control of a fire chief. (Ord. 825 § 1, 1977).

2.26.020 Fire chief – Appointment – Removal.

The fire chief shall be appointed by the city manager upon the basis of his qualification and experience for such office, and he or his firemen may be removed by the city manager, subject to any applicable law, ordinance, rule or regulation relating to civil service then in force and effect. (Ord. 825 § 2, 1977).

2.26.030 Powers and duties.

The fire chief shall have all of the powers granted, together with the duties imposed, by the laws of the state and ordinances of the city relating to fire departments of optional municipal code cities. (Ord. 825 § 3, 1977).

2.26.040 Appointment of firemen.

Subject to civil service laws, the fire chief may appoint, with the consent of the city manager, such firemen as may be appropriate and necessary for the proper performance of the duties of the fire department. (Ord. 825 § 4, 1977).

2.26.050 Personnel.

A.    The fire department shall consist of such full paid and volunteer officials in such numbers as shall be determined by the city council by inclusion and adoption of the annual budget of the city.

B.    The department may be augmented by such clerical personnel as the city manager and city council may from time to time provide. Such clerical personnel shall neither be subject to nor under any of the civil service rules and regulations in force or effect. (Ord. 1380 § 2, 1990; Ord. 825 § 5, 1977).

2.26.060 Advancement of firemen.

Firemen shall advance to the next higher grade according to the civil service rules and regulations of the city. (Ord. 825 § 6, 1977).

2.26.070 Disciplinary powers.

The fire chief shall have the power to exercise disciplinary measures as stated in the civil service rules and regulations of the city. (Ord. 825 § 7, 1977).

2.26.080 Report of and appeal from disciplinary action.

Personnel subjected to disciplinary action other than oral reprimands shall have such rights of appeal as are provided by civil service rules and regulations of the city. (Ord. 825 § 8, 1977).