Chapter 3.13


3.13.010    Imprest cash fund created – Purpose.

3.13.020    Custodian – Allocation of moneys.

3.13.010 Imprest cash fund created – Purpose.

There is created and established a change and imprest fund within the current expense, water and sewer funds. The purpose of this fund is to make change for city customers, make small office and operational purchases, and to fund police department drug investigation purchases. The amount of this fund is to be no greater than $10,000, with the exact amount of the fund to be determined by the custodian of the fund. (Ord. 1625 § 2, 1996).

3.13.020 Custodian – Allocation of moneys.

The custodian of the fund shall be the finance director. As custodian, the finance director shall establish change, petty cash and investigative funds within city departments in accordance with the city’s imprest cash policy. (Ord. 1625 § 2, 1996).