Chapter 5.12


5.12.010    Definitions.

5.12.020    License – Required.

5.12.030    Business license – Application.

5.12.040    License – Display.

5.12.050    License – Revocation.

*    For statutory provisions on ambulances see RCW 18.73.130 et seq.

5.12.010 Definitions.

The following words and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall, for the purpose of this chapter, have the meaning respectively ascribed to them in this section:

A.    “Ambulance” means any automobile or vehicle engaged in the business of carrying or transporting any sick or injured person for hire and designed or adapted for such purpose and as otherwise defined under Chapter 18.73 RCW for ambulances and first-aid vehicles.

B.    “Ambulance operator license” means that license issued pursuant to RCW 18.73.130.

C.    “Ambulance vehicle license” means that license issued pursuant to RCW 18.73.140 or 18.73.160 and as used in this chapter shall mean ambulance or first-aid vehicle as may be appropriate.

D.    “Business license” means that license issued by the city clerk in accordance with Chapter 5.04 BMC. (Ord. 1259 § 2, 1987).

5.12.020 License – Required.

No person, firm or corporation shall operate or cause to be operated from any temporary or permanent location any ambulance in the city without first securing the following licenses:

A.    Ambulance operator’s license pursuant to RCW 18.73.130;

B.    Ambulance vehicle license for each vehicle operated pursuant to RCW 18.73.140 and/or 18.73.160; and

C.    Business license as required by Chapter 5.04 BMC. (Ord. 1259 § 2, 1987).

5.12.030 Business license – Application.

Application for a city business license shall be made upon such form as the city clerk prescribes and shall be accompanied with the annual business license fee as required under Chapter 5.04 BMC. Application for a business license shall contain all information required by the city clerk and the following:

A.    Name and address of person, firm or corporation desiring such license;

B.    A copy of a valid and current ambulance operator’s license issued by the state in accordance with RCW 18.73.130; and

C.    A copy of a valid and current ambulance vehicle license, for each vehicle, issued by the state in accordance with RCW 18.73.140 or 18.73.160. (Ord. 1259 § 2, 1987).

5.12.040 License – Display.

Each ambulance or first-aid vehicle shall prominently display a state ambulance vehicle license. (Ord. 1259 § 2, 1987).

5.12.050 License – Revocation.

In addition to the criteria for denial or revocation set forth in BMC 5.04.290, business licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to denial or revocation by the city clerk:

A.    Upon failure of the licensee to comply with the provisions of this chapter;

B.    Without being summoned, proceeding to the scene of any accident, aid call or other emergency being responded to by the police and/or fire department of the city; and

C.    For failure to maintain current any required state license required for operation of any ambulance or first-aid vehicle. (Ord. 1259 § 2, 1987).