Chapter 5.40


5.40.010    Definitions.

5.40.030    Construction standards.

5.40.040    Supervisor required.

5.40.050    Patron rules.

5.40.060    Enforcement.

5.40.070    Accidents and emergency procedures.

5.40.080    Maintenance – Inspection.

5.40.090    Public liability insurance.

5.40.100    License – Grounds for suspension, revocation.

5.40.010 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter the words and phrases used in this chapter have the following meanings:

A.    “Rebound-tumbling device” means a device of canvas fabric or other material attached to a framework by springs, rubber coils or other elastic material upon which a person can jump, bounce or tumble or otherwise perform tricks, stunts or acrobatics.

B.    “Rebound-tumbling device center” means any place of business open to the public for the purpose of offering the use of rebound-tumbling devices for a profit direct or indirect. (Ord. 310 § 1, 1960).

5.40.030 Construction standards.

It is unlawful for any person to manage, conduct, carry on or own the business of operating a rebound-tumbling device center unless:

A.    Each rebound-tumbling device shall have been installed level on a reasonably level space with the following minimum unobstructed spacing from the inside edges of the frame, except for necessary light poles and support:

1.    From the ends to the nearest fence, building or other similar construction, five feet;

2.    From the sides of the fence, building or other similar construction, four feet;

3.    Between the ends, four feet;

4.    Between the sides, three feet, except when arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of the planning commission, which will provide for comparable safety and will provide for supervision and training as may be required.

B.    The distances in subsections A(1) and A(2) of this section may be reduced when such surfaces are padded and the proposed plans are approved by the planning commission.

C.    The area surrounding the rebound-tumbling devices shall have been surfaced to prevent a dust nuisance and shall have a reasonably level surface of pea gravel or equivalent type of material from a safety and dust control standpoint.

D.    The pits over which the rebound-tumbling devices are strung shall not be over four feet deep nor less than 39 inches deep at the center, and so constructed as to preclude the touching of the bottom thereof while anyone is jumping, bouncing or tumbling upon, or performing tricks, stunts or acrobatics upon or otherwise using the rebound-tumbling devices. The pit bottom shall be covered with not less than four inches of gravel or equivalent material which will aid in seepage or drainage of rainwater without ponding, except in porous, sandy or gravel soils.

E.    The rebound-tumbling device center shall be enclosed with a substantial metal or equivalent fence at least five feet high and of a type which is difficult to climb. The entrances shall be equipped with secure locks for use when the facility is not attended.

F.    The rebound-tumbling device center shall be equipped with an adequate lighting system to discourage use and entry when not attended and so that for use at night the whole area of the facility shall be well lighted.

G.    Each rebound-tumbling device is strung over a pit level with the ground, and the rebound-tumbling device bed shall be at least 12 feet long and six feet wide in size.

H.    The exposed framework of each rebound-tumbling device, whether it be of metal, wood, plastic or other rigid structure, shall be completely covered with padding which is of obvious or proven resilience to afford reasonable protection from shock; such padding shall be secured to be effectively kept in place; and it shall be reasonably durable and kept in a clean condition.

I.    Springs, cables, supports for webbing or beds and their connections shall be so designed, installed and maintained to avoid any projections or protrusions which would tend to cause a cut of the skin. Adequate measures shall be taken to prevent flying of broken metal springs. The maximum uncovered space from the frame to the bed shall not exceed 20 inches.

J.    The beds shall be made of substantial material and be so fabricated as to reasonably resist tearing or rupture which might cause accidents or injuries. The center of each bed shall be plainly marked with a cross or bull’s-eye to aid users in keeping toward the center.

K.    No rebound-tumbling device commonly known in the trade as a “hot bed” shall be installed in a rebound-tumbling device center without the written consent of the planning commission. (Ord. 310 § 3, 1960).

5.40.040 Supervisor required.

It is unlawful for any person to manage, conduct, carry on or own the business of operating a rebound-tumbling device center unless there is present at all times such center is in use a rebound-tumbling device supervisor. It is unlawful to employ any person under the age of 18 years as a rebound-tumbling device supervisor or for any such person to act as a rebound-tumbling device supervisor. (Ord. 310 § 4, 1960).

5.40.050 Patron rules.

It is unlawful for any person to conduct, manage, supervise, carry on or own the business of operating a rebound-tumbling device center unless there shall be posted in a conspicuous place a sign prominently displaying thereon the following rules governing the use by patrons of the rebound-tumbling devices:

A.    Not over one person on a rebound-tumbling device at a time;

B.    No flips or similar difficult routines unless under the immediate supervision of a qualified instructor, or until qualified as demonstrated by officially acceptable certificate or by determination of the manager or supervisor. In case of dispute with a patron, the manager or supervisor ruling shall be final;

C.    No use of rebound-tumbling devices in street shoes or in bare feet;

D.    All patrons shall strictly and promptly comply with requests or requirements of the manager or supervisor;

E.    All patrons shall stop activity on rebound-tumbling devices at official warning sound;

F.    No use of facilities while under the influence of alcohol or when not in condition to safely use rebound-tumbling devices as determined by the manager or supervisor;

G.    No jumping from one rebound-tumbling device to another;

H.    No actions allowed which will or may seriously distract or interfere with the performer;

I.    No children under six years of age shall be allowed to use a rebound-tumbling device unless accompanied by a parent;

J.    No smoking, eating or drinking while on the rebound-tumbling device.

Nothing in this section is intended to preclude the posting and enforcement of any other safety rule. (Ord. 310 § 5, 1960).

5.40.060 Enforcement.

The manager or supervisor shall observe all rebound-tumbling devices whenever they are in use and it shall be the duty of the manager or supervisor to enforce the rules set forth in BMC 5.40.050 and any other safety rules or regulations deemed necessary by the planning commission.

Each unit shall be numbered or otherwise clearly designated. A suitable loudspeaker system shall be maintained to enforce the rules, except where there are less than eight rebound-tumbling devices. The managers or supervisors shall have readily distinguishable warning sound devices available to stop all rebound-tumbling activity if necessary. There shall be one manager or supervisor on active supervising duty for each 12 rebound-tumbling devices or fractional part which is in use. (Ord. 310 § 6, 1960).

5.40.070 Accidents and emergency procedures.

The manager or owner shall report all accidents of the nature to cause unconsciousness, broken or strained extremities or bones, removal, breaking or loosening of teeth, hemorrhaging or lacerations which may require suturing, or eye injuries to the planning commission in writing. Records thereof shall be maintained on the premises of all medical aid or care administered. The owner or manager shall keep in a place readily available at all times to himself or his employees, and posted at the telephone booth or facility, the telephone number of available emergency medical service. A telephone shall be available at the premises for emergency use at all times when the rebound-tumbling device center is in operation. All accidents or injuries shall be directed to competent care for handling and disposition. A first-aid kit approved by the planning commission shall be maintained and be readily available on the premises for emergency care of minor natures and shall be replenished as needed. (Ord. 310 § 7, 1960).

5.40.080 Maintenance – Inspection.

Rebound-tumbling devices and all related facilities shall be kept in good repair. Inspection of the facilities for the purpose of maintaining safe equipment shall be made periodically by designated official of the city. (Ord. 310 § 8, 1960).

5.40.090 Public liability insurance.

It is unlawful for any person to conduct, manage, carry on or own the business of operating a rebound-tumbling device center unless he carries for such business public liability insurance for personal injury or damage caused through the use of any rebound-tumbling device with limits of at least $1,000 for any one occurrence, with at least $50,000 for any one person per occurrence, and shall by endorsement or otherwise protect and save harmless the city against any claim or suit for damage or injuries sustained by anyone resulting from the use or operation of such rebound-tumbling device, and appear and defend in the city’s behalf. The applicant for any such rebound-tumbling device center license shall submit such liability policy to the city attorney of the city for approval prior to issuance of the license. (Ord. 315 § 2, 1960; Ord. 310 § 9, 1960).

5.40.100 License – Grounds for suspension, revocation.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter or any subsequent ordinance relating to the operation of such business shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of rebound-tumbling device center licenses. (Ord. 310 § 10, 1960).