Chapter 12.58


12.58.010    Purpose.

12.58.020    Repealed.

12.58.030    Predominant views.

12.58.010 Purpose.

Subarea zoning regulations implement subarea-specific policies in the Imagine Bothell... Comprehensive Plan. The subarea zoning regulations in this chapter apply specifically to land within the Bloomberg Hill Subarea. Subarea zoning regulations are in addition to city-wide zoning regulations or, where more restrictive, take the place of city-wide zoning regulations. (Ord. 2053 § 3 (Exh. C), 2010; Ord. 1946 § 2, 2005; Ord. 1629 § 1, 1996).

12.58.020 Special regulations – R8d zoning in south end of subarea.

Repealed by Ord. 1946. (Ord. 1629 § 1, 1996).

12.58.030 Predominant views.

Predominant views, both from and to the hillside areas, shall be preserved in order to retain the natural character and the sense of identity that the hillside areas now impart. Visual impact studies shall be provided by developers detailing the effects of grading, tree removal, building and parking placement and streets proposed in development plans. (Ord. 2053 § 3 (Exh. C), 2010; Ord. 1946 § 2, 2005).

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