Chapter 15.02


15.02.010    Short title.

15.02.020    Purpose.

15.02.030    Authority.

15.02.040    Scope.

15.02.050    Exemptions.

15.02.060    Effect of filing a complete application.

15.02.010 Short title.

The ordinance codified in this title shall be known as the Bothell subdivision ordinance. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).

15.02.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to regulate the subdivision of land and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare in accordance with standards established by the state to accomplish the following:

A.    Prevent the overcrowding of land;

B.    Lessen congestion in the streets and highways;

C.    Promote effective use of land;

D.    Promote safe and convenient travel by the public on streets and highways;

E.    Provide for adequate light and air;

F.    Facilitate adequate provision for water, sewerage, utilities, drainage, parks and recreation areas, sites for schools and school grounds and other public requirements;

G.    Provide for proper ingress and egress;

H.    Provide for the expeditious review and approval of proposed subdivisions which conform to zoning standards and local plans, minimum development standards and policies;

I.    Adequately provide for the housing and commercial needs of the citizens of the state; and

J.    Require uniform monumenting of subdivisions and conveyancing by accurate legal description. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).

15.02.030 Authority.

The Bothell city council delegates the responsibility for making determinations on boundary line adjustments and short plats to the Bothell community development director. The city council delegates the responsibility for holding hearings and making recommendations on preliminary plats, plat alterations and plat vacations to the planning commission. All final decisions on preliminary plats, final plats, plat alterations and plat vacations shall be made by the city council. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).

15.02.040 Scope.

Any division, redivision, platting or subdivision of land into two or more lots or tracts or any division of land containing a dedication of any part thereof to any public purpose (such as a public street or a highway) shall comply with the provisions of this title. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).

15.02.050 Exemptions.

This title shall not apply to divisions and activities described in RCW 58.17.040; provided, that in order to determine whether a boundary line adjustment meets the requirements for an exempt action, approval must be received from the community development director as set forth in Chapter 15.04 BMC. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).

15.02.060 Effect of filing a complete application.

A.    A proposed division or subdivision of land, as defined in BMC 11.02.110, shall be considered under the subdivision or short subdivision ordinance, and zoning or other land use control ordinances, in effect on the land at the time a fully completed application for preliminary plat approval of the subdivision, or short plat approval of the subdivision, has been submitted to the community development director.

B.    The limitations imposed by this section shall not restrict conditions imposed under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), Chapter 43.21C RCW, and the city’s SEPA regulations, Chapter 14.02 BMC. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).