Chapter 17.10


17.10.010    Deposit of debris prohibited – Cash deposit for cleanup.

17.10.020    Stop work order.

17.10.010 Deposit of debris prohibited – Cash deposit for cleanup.

No person, firm or corporation shall engage in any excavating, filling, grading or constructing any building or structure when such activity either does, or is likely to, contribute to the depositing of dirt, mud, rock, debris or other material of any nature, as a result of such development actions, on the public rights-of-way by virtue of vehicular traffic or from any other cause except under the following conditions:

A.    A cash deposit in an amount established by resolution of the city, shall be deposited with the city to be held in trust to cover the costs of any necessary maintenance, repairs or cleanup in the event of the failure of any person, firm or corporation causing any dirt, mud, rocks or other debris or materials being deposited on the public rights-of-way to remove the same. These funds or the balance thereof shall be refunded upon completion of the activity resulting in the debris and material being deposited on the rights-of-way.

B.    The deposit required under this section may be coupled with, and shall be deemed part of any permit otherwise required by virtue of any activity, construction of development which results in the debris being deposited on the public rights-of-way.

C.    Adequate equipment shall be available during the course of each days’ operation to insure a speedy and timely removal of any rock, mud, dirt or other debris or material deposited on the public right-of-way. The equipment shall include the availability of a power broom or other means approved by the public works director. The right-of-way surfaces shall be cleaned prior to the end of each day’s operation and, in addition, all catchbasins, culverts or other municipally owned improvements affected by the depositing of mud, dirt, rocks, debris or other material shall also be cleaned and shall be subject to the inspection, review, and approval by the public works director prior to the contractor leaving the site. (Ord. 1633 § 1, 1996).

17.10.020 Stop work order.

In the event any person, firm or corporation fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter, the public works director may cause a notice of violation to be delivered to a person of suitable age at the job site and may order all work to cease until authorized to proceed. Failure to comply with the order to stop work shall be a separate offense punishable upon conviction thereof by a fine of up to $500.00 or 90 days in jail or both such fine and jail for each day the order is disobeyed. (Ord. 1633 § 1, 1996; Ord. 977 § 2, 1980).