Chapter 2.74


2.74.010    PURPOSE.




2.74.050    USE OF CREDIT CARDS.


2.74.070    RIGHT OF PRIOR LIEN.


2.74.010 PURPOSE.

To authorize the reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with the performance of official City business and the use of purchase/credit cards for travel purposes, pursuant to Chapter 42.24 RCW, and to direct the Mayor and Director of Financial Services to implement administrative policies and procedures to carry out the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


Travel by City officials, employees, City Council, and members of boards and commissions shall be specifically provided for as follows:

(a)    Department heads shall approve all overnight travel for employees of their department. The Mayor shall approve overnight travel for all department heads. All out-of-state travel for City employees must be approved by the Mayor.

(b)    Travel by the Mayor is self-approved. Travel by members of the City Council shall be approved by the Council President.

(c)    Travel by members of boards and commissions shall be approved by the Council President or Mayor.

(d)    Requests must include the nature of the travel, method of travel, costs to the City and the budgetary authority. Use of e-mail is acceptable documentation. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


Generally, eligible expenses include travel and living costs incurred by the employee while away from the City and expenses incurred within the City necessitated by City business. In the Bremerton area, necessary expenses will be reimbursed only for an employee representing the City in his/her official capacity and in the discharge of his/her duties. Eligible expenses and the basis for payment or reimbursement will be as follows:

(a)    Registration. Actual cost of registration of any employee at a meeting, conference, or convention for which he/she has received approval. Employees shall attend all conferences, meetings, and training sessions that are paid for at City expense.

(b)    Transportation. Actual costs for bus travel, train travel, taxi (including a customary gratuity), car rentals, parking fees, and air travel are eligible. Employees using a personal vehicle to travel on City business will be reimbursed at the mileage rate established by the Internal Revenue Service. Payment shall not exceed economy class airfare (government rate or Internet rate) to and from the same destination for employees traveling to out-of-town destinations on City business using a personal vehicle.

(c)    Lodging. Actual cost of hotel or motel accommodations is an eligible expense. If a family member or guest accompanies the employee, the employee shall pay for the amount over that of a single accommodation.

(d)    Meals. Any employee traveling on City business will be reimbursed for meals at the established federal per diem rate for the travel destination as established by the U.S. General Services Administration (

(1)    An individual shall be deemed on travel status where the travel includes reimbursable lodging.

(i)    An employee must be in travel status for two (2) hours prior to the start of their normal work time to receive a full day of per diem. Employees not in a travel status two (2) hours prior to the start of their normal work day will receive seventy-five (75) percent of a full day per diem.

(ii)    If an employee returns from overnight travel, to their duty station or home, more than two (2) hours after the end of their normal work day, they will receive a full day of per diem. If they return less than two (2) hours after the end of their normal work day, they will receive seventy-five (75) percent of a day’s per diem.

(iii)     Where conference registration or training tuition fees include one (1) or more meals, the City shall reimburse only those meals not covered by such fees. If the employee elects not to participate in one (1) or more optional meals offered by the conference, the following percentages of per diem will be used: Breakfast twenty (20) percent; lunch thirty (30) percent; dinner fifty (50) percent.

(2)    Reimbursement for meals incurred when an employee is away from their duty station on official City business, but not on a travel status, will be reimbursed with approval of the department Director using the above percentages. Expenses for meals where City business is conducted and that could reasonably occur during non-meal periods are not eligible for reimbursement. Meals for City Council, Mayor and City staff conducting formal City business during meal times are specifically authorized.

(3)    All per diem meals will be handled on a reimbursement basis. Use of the City’s purchase/credit card is not authorized for meal expenditures. Employees that will be in a travel status and have received proper authorization to travel may receive a travel advance up to the maximum anticipated per diem for their trip. No advance will be allowed if not in a travel status. Settlement of advances shall be made within fifteen (15) days of return from travel.

(e)    Laundry Service. Actual cost of laundry service is an allowable expense when employees are required to be away from the City for more than six (6) days at one (1) time or the conditions under which they are required to work while away from the City create a more than normal need for such services.

(f)    Telephone. Charges for telephone are an allowable expense if City business requires such communication. Employees staying outside of the City of Bremerton on business are allowed one personal call to the employee’s home at City expense for each trip. Such calls shall not exceed ten dollars ($10.00). Any personal calls in excess of ten dollars ($10.00) are to be paid by the employee. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


None of the following expenses shall be paid by the City: Travel paid for by any other organization, alcoholic beverages, valet services, meals or lodging accommodations for family or guest, tour bus fees for sightseeing tours, mileage if traveling as a passenger in a privately owned car, trip insurance, hosting, tips unless otherwise authorized or any other personal expenses for entertainment or other purposes. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


Credit cards will be made available to officials and employees for the purpose of covering all eligible travel expenses except meals, which will be handled on a reimbursement basis. Employees shall be restricted from use of their own personal credit cards, except in such cases when the employee has not been issued or does not have access to a City credit card. Disallowed charges or charges not properly identified will be paid by the employee before the charge card billing is due. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


A report of overnight travel will be documented and submitted to the Financial Services Department on an Employee Claim for Expenses form within fifteen (15) days of return from travel. The Claim will contain a complete report of all travel costs incurred through use of a credit card or by reimbursement to the employee. The Claim shall be submitted even if no reimbursable expenses were incurred. Requests for reimbursement for other eligible expenses shall be submitted on an Employee Claim for Expenses no less than monthly. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


Failure to pay any disallowed credit card charges or settle any advances within the time frame prescribed will render the employee personally liable for the unpaid amount plus interest at the rate charged by the bank that issued the credit/purchase card or ten (10) percent, whichever is applicable. The City shall have a prior lien against and a right to withhold any and all funds payable or to become payable to the employee in the amount due, plus interest. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)


The Mayor and Director of Financial Services are directed to prepare administrative procedures necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 5004 §1 (part), 2007)