Chapter 2.82


2.82.010    POLICY.

2.82.020    PROCEDURE.

2.82.010 POLICY.

(a)    In naming City parks and other City facilities, the following criteria will be considered:

(1)    Neighborhood, geographic or common usage identification;

(2)    A natural or geological feature;

(3)    Significant historical place or event;

(4)    A person who has contributed outstanding civic service to the community or is a significant historical figure; or

(5)    A person who has made a significant land or monetary contribution to the City.

(b)    For purposes of this chapter, "person" shall mean:

(1)    An individual, individuals or a family (living or deceased); or

(2)    A public or private corporation, organization or other similar entity. (Ord. 4939 §1 (part), 2005)

2.82.020 PROCEDURE.

(a)    Naming suggestions may be solicited from the public and/or from civic organizations. When solicited, all suggestions shall be recorded by the applicable department and forwarded to the Parks Commission, when naming a City park or facility, and to the City Council for consideration.

(b)    When naming a City park facility, park or a portion thereof, the Department of Parks and Recreation shall submit its recommendation to the Parks Commission for approval and then to the City Council for consideration and final approval.

(c)    The department seeking to name a public facility, or a portion thereof, other than a City park facility or park, shall present its recommendation to the City Council for consideration and final approval.

(d)    The City Council may, upon consideration of any proposals and recommendations presented to it or upon its own initiative, designate the name for the park or other public facility or portion thereof, which shall thereafter be identified by the name so designated. (Ord. 4939 §1 (part), 2005)