Chapter 9A.52


9A.52.010    CONTEMPT.

9A.52.010 CONTEMPT.

The following sections of Chapters 7.21 and 9.23 RCW, with the exception of those provisions contained therein for which a violation constitutes a felony crime, are hereby adopted by reference as currently enacted and as hereinafter amended from time to time, and shall be given the same force and effect as if set forth herein in full:

RCW 7.21.010    Definitions.

RCW 7.21.020    Sanctions - Who may impose.

RCW 7.21.030    Remedial sanctions - Payment for losses.

RCW 7.21.040    Punitive sanctions - Fines.

RCW 7.21.050    Sanctions - Summary imposition - Procedure.

RCW 7.21.060    Administrative or proceedings - Petition to court for imposition of sanctions.

RCW 7.21.070    Appellate review.

RCW 9.23.010    Criminal contempt.

(Ord. 4850 §2 (in part), 2003)