Chapter 13.15


13.15.010    CREATED.

13.15.020    REMOVAL.

13.15.030    RULES.


13.15.050    POWERS AND DUTIES.

13.15.010 CREATED.

That the City of Bremerton Parks and Recreation Board shall be known as the Parks and Recreation Commission. The Parks and Recreation Commission shall consist of seven (7) members who shall be residents of the City of Bremerton. The appointments shall be for three (3) year terms. Members shall be appointed for staggered terms so that two members shall be appointed for terms commencing September 30, 2001, two members shall be appointed for terms commencing September 30, 2002; and three members shall be appointed for terms commencing September 30, 2003. The current Commission members whose terms expire in 2001, 2002 and 2003 shall continue to serve their terms until September 29 of the year of the expiration of their terms. The members shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 4724, Added, 12/08/2000)

13.15.020 REMOVAL.

Any member of the Commission may be removed from office with notice from the Mayor upon the formal recommendation of the Commission for incompetence, incompatibility of office, dereliction of duty, malfeasance in office, lack of attendance at meetings, or other good cause. Members of the Commission may be dismissed from the Commission if they miss more than three (3) consecutive meetings, unexcused, or any five (5) meetings within a twelve (12) month period. (Ord. 4724, Added, 12/08/2000)

13.15.030 RULES.

The Bremerton Parks and Recreation Commission shall conduct all meetings in accordance with the rules adopted by the Commission which are designated as the Parks and Recreation Commission By-Laws. (Ord. 4724, Added, 12/08/2000)


The Commission, each year, shall elect its own chairperson and create and fill such other offices as it may determine it requires. The Commission’s regular meeting shall be held at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month, unless a change in the scheduled date or time is approved and duly noticed by the Commission. (Ord. 4724, Added, 12/08/2000)


The Parks and Recreation Commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council, the Mayor, and the Parks and Recreation staff concerning formulation of policy and plans for development, management, and operation of the City’s parks and recreation programs. Duties of the Commission shall include, but not be limited to:

A.    Assist with review of the Parks and Recreation budget;

B.    Promote parks and recreation programs to the community;

C.    Assist in the establishment of short-term and long-term goals for the future of the City’s park system, including recreational programming and park maintenance; and

D.    Monitor and assess the park system.

In its advisory capacity, the Parks and Recreation Commission may advise, make recommendations, to and guide the Parks and Recreation Department on issues relating to recreational programming and the City’s parks and open space system, and to assist the City in the following:

A.    The development of a broad variety of programs, facilities and services to meet the needs and demands of the community;

B.    Education of the public about the importance of and need for Parks and Recreation programs, facilities and services;

C.    Enhancement of citizen involvement in the planning and development of the parks system and the identification of local needs;

D.    Establishment of an effective public relations program utilizing all appropriate communications media;

E.    Long range capital improvement planning;

F.    Development of a close liaison and coordination with other agencies to ensure total cooperative community effort to provide the most effective and efficient service possible; and

G.    Periodic review of the Parks and Recreation Department’s programs, facilities, services and relationships to assure that its goals and objectives are relevant to community needs. (Ord. 4724, Added, 12/08/2000)