Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Appointment—Eligibility.

2.28.020    Duties.

2.28.030    Term.

2.28.040    Bond requirements.

2.28.010 Appointment—Eligibility.

There shall be appointed by the mayor, a town engineer, who shall be a competent and qualified civil engineer. (Ord. 45 § 1, 1913)

2.28.020 Duties.

It shall be the duty of the town engineer to make all surveys and plats of the streets, highways, water system and sewers of the town as may be directed by the council, to assume charge and supervision of such construction work as shall be done by or for the town, and to perform such other duties as shall devolve upon the engineering department of the town. It shall be the duty of the town engineer upon the termination of his term of office to file with the clerk of the town, all maps and original field notes prepared by him for the town, and all such maps and field notes shall become part of the town records. (Ord. 45 § 2, 1913)

2.28.030 Term.

The mayor shall specify in the order appointing the town engineer, the maximum period for which such appointment of the engineer designated shall continue, and such appointment shall not be effective until the council shall have approved and confirmed the maximum term for which such appointee shall hold office under such appointment. (Ord. 45 § 3, 1913)

2.28.040 Bond requirements.

The council may require a bond of the town engineer in the sum of five hundred dollars for the faithful discharge of the duties provided by this chapter. (Ord. 45 § 5, 1913)