Chapter 2.42


2.42.010    Established.

2.42.020    Applicable regulations.

2.42.030    Personnel positions.

2.42.040    Chief of police—Appointment—Council confirmation—Duties.

2.42.050    Standard operating procedures.

2.42.010 Established.

There has been established and created within the city of Brewster a city police department known as the police department of the city of Brewster, Washington. (Ord. 562 § 1, 1993)

2.42.020 Applicable regulations.

Insofar as they are applicable, the civil service ordinances and regulations of the civil service commission and the laws of the state of Washington shall govern and regulate the operation of the police department. (Ord. 562 § 2, 1993)

2.42.030 Personnel positions.

The personnel positions within the department shall consist of a chief of police and other employees as may be authorized by the city council. (Ord. 562 § 3, 1993)

2.42.040 Chief of police—Appointment—Council confirmation—Duties.

The chief of police shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council, in accordance with the applicable laws of the state of Washington. The chief of police shall have responsibility of the supervision of all personnel and property assigned to the police department. The chief of police shall make such rules and regulations as are consistent with the laws of the state of Washington and city ordinances as are necessary for supervising said department. The chief of police shall attend the meetings of the city council and perform such other duties as authorized by law or as directed by the mayor. (Ord. 771 § 2, 2005: Ord. 562 § 4, 1993)

2.42.050 Standard operating procedures.

The chief of police shall prepare, update and amend the standard operating procedures and policies of the police department, subject to approval of the mayor. (Ord. 900 § 1, 2017)