Chapter 2.52


2.52.010    Created—Function.

2.52.020    Transfers of equipment into department.

2.52.030    Furnishing rentals to city departments.

2.52.040    Rental schedule.

2.52.010 Created—Function.

There is created, within the city, a city equipment department for the ownership, maintenance and rental of city equipment. (Ord. 236 § 1, 1962)

2.52.020 Transfers of equipment into department.

Any city department, may, by resolution, transfer any city equipment now owned by that department to the city equipment department. (Ord. 236 § 2, 1962)

2.52.030 Furnishing rentals to city departments.

The city equipment department shall provide and furnish vehicular and other types of equipment to the various city departments at a rental as specified in Section 2.52.040. (Ord. 236 § 3, 1962)

2.52.040 Rental schedule.

The city superintendent shall provide a rental schedule which schedule shall provide for the amount of rental to be paid by the various city departments to the city equipment department for the use of equipment owned by and maintained by the city equipment department. (Ord. 236 § 4, 1962)