Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Purpose.

2.64.020    Award program authorized.

2.64.030    Administration.

2.64.040    Criteria.

2.64.050    Awards.

2.64.060    Reports.

2.64.070    Eligible employees.

2.64.080    Performance awards not included in retirement.

2.64.010 Purpose.

It is found that a performance award program will promote exceptional performance by city employees and will encourage safety, efficiency and economy in the performance of the functions of city government. For the purpose therefore of encouraging safe and exceptional performance by employees in the city’s workplaces, the city authorizes safety and performance award programs to be established as provided in this chapter by the department heads. (Ord. 520 § 1, 1991)

2.64.020 Award program authorized.

A. Safety Award Programs. Department heads are authorized to develop and establish safety award programs with incentive awards. The goal of each safety program will be to reduce industrial injuries and time loss and to improve work practices.

B. Performance Award Programs. Department heads are authorized to develop and establish criteria and standards for awards to be made on a basis of outstanding performance of specific job assignments which significantly reduce costs or improve operations or services. (Ord. 520 § 2, 1991)

2.64.030 Administration.

The administration of the safety and performance award programs shall be vested in department heads. Rules, standards, criteria guidelines and programs developed by each department shall be transmitted to the mayor for approval, prior to implementation, as to compliance with generally applicable cost benefit criteria. The mayor shall monitor the program at least annually to assure continued compliance with these criteria, and be satisfied that the benefits of the program are real and not the result of any practice or occurrence which the mayor decides has made it incorrectly appear that a savings or increase level of service has occurred. (Ord. 520 § 3, 1991)

2.64.040 Criteria.

Participating department heads and the mayor shall consider as appropriate bases for awards those benefits including, but not limited to the following:

A. Reductions in overtime;

B. Production at higher standard of efficiency than expected;

C. Completion of assignment in advance of scheduled date;

D. Reductions in use of temporary help;

E. Improvement of quality of work environment resulting in enhanced efficiency;

F. Improved systems and procedures;

G. Better development and utilization of personnel;

H. Elimination of waste, duplication and operations of doubtful value;

I. Improved space utilization;

J. Improved safety records resulting in fewer absences due to accidents and decreased time-loss payments; and

K. Exemplary efforts resulting in reduced liability. (Ord. 520 § 4, 1991)

2.64.050 Awards.

A. Safety and performance award recipients shall be designated by department heads who shall transmit such information and all supporting documentation to the mayor and city council.

B. Award recipients shall receive awards of not to exceed five hundred dollars in value or not more than five days special personal leave with pay to be used in accordance with the vacation policy.

C. Participating departments shall include appropriate amounts and provisions in their annual budget request to fund safety and performance award programs and such programs shall continue for as long as authorization therefore is contained in the city’s annual budget. (Ord. 520 § 5, 1991)

2.64.060 Reports.

Participating department heads are directed to file a report with the mayor and the city council on or before March 31st of each year setting forth in detail the administration of the awards programs for the previous year. (Ord. 520 § 6, 1991)

2.64.070 Eligible employees.

Eligible employees meeting the requirement of the program as set forth in this chapter and as completed and determined by the department heads and mayor may be entitled to receive the benefits of the safety and performance program which shall be paid by the city. (Ord. 524, 1991: Ord. 520 § 7, 1991)

2.64.080 Performance awards not included in retirement.

Performance awards provided under this chapter shall not be included for the purpose of computing a retirement allowance under the city’s retirement system. (Ord. 520 § 8, 1991)