Chapter 2.68


2.68.010    Applicability.

2.68.020    Definitions.

2.68.030    Uniform smoking policy.

2.68.040    Implementation.

2.68.050    Noncompliance—Disciplinary action.

2.68.010 Applicability.

A. The uniform smoking policy shall apply in all work areas, whether individual or shared, and shall apply to all persons, including but not limited to employees, officers, contractors or visitors, during all hours and days of the year.

B. City employees and officers shall reasonably ensure that visitors, contractors and other persons within their work areas comply with the uniform smoking policy. (Ord. 558 § 1 (C), 1993)

2.68.020 Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

“Enclosed area” means any area closed in by a roof and walls.

“Public place” means that portion of any building or vehicle used by and open to the public, regardless of whether the building or vehicle is owned in whole or part by the city. Public places include, but are not limited to: elevators, public conveyances or transportation facilities, public restrooms, libraries, waiting areas, lobbies, reception areas and other areas designated as public places in RCW 70.160.020 as presently enacted or hereafter amended.

“Smoke” or “smoking” means the carrying or smoking, including inhaling or exhaling, of any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other lighted smoking equipment.

“Smoking debris” means and includes but is not limited to cigarette or cigar butts, cigarette paper or product packaging, tobacco, smoke, ash or other residue resulting from smoking.

“Work area” means any enclosed area or structure, or any portion thereof, which is owned, leased, used or rented by the city and is intended for use by city employees for any purpose, including but not limited to workrooms, offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, hallways, employee lounges, restrooms, stairways, elevators and lunch rooms. (Ord. 563 § 1(A), 1993: Ord. 558 § 1(A), 1993)

2.68.030 Uniform smoking policy.

A. No person may smoke in a public place or work area except in designated smoking areas.

B. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas and in outdoor areas, unless smoke would be drawn into a public place, enclosed area or work area.

C. Smoking is permitted in vehicles owned, used, leased or rented by the city when:

1. The vehicle is occupied only by persons who smoke;

2. The person under whose name the vehicle is assigned returns the vehicle thoroughly aired with all smoking debris removed; and

3. Smoking is not otherwise prohibited for safety, health or other reasons. (Ord. 563 § 2(B), 1993: Ord. 558 § 1(B), 1993)

2.68.040 Implementation.

A. Effective Date. The uniform smoking policy shall become effective within three weeks after the ordinance codified in this chapter is adopted.

B. Notification. City employees shall receive notification of the uniform smoking policy within two weeks of the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter. (Ord. 558 § 1(D), 1993)

2.68.050 Noncompliance—Disciplinary action.

Discipline shall be imposed on any city officer or employee violating the uniform smoking policy, consistent and in accordance with existing collective bargaining agreements, civil service rules and regulations, or the city’s personnel policies as applicable to a specific individual, or other city ordinances and/or state law. The primary objective of any discipline imposed under this chapter shall be to correct behavior in violation of the policy. (Ord. 563 § 3(E), 1993: Ord. 558 § 1(E), 1993)