Chapter 3.04


3.04.010    Presentation of demands.

3.04.020    Audit and report of demands.

3.04.030    Warrant issuance.

3.04.040    Payment of claims.

3.04.010 Presentation of demands.

All demands against the city shall be presented to the council through the city clerk/treasurer, and before their payment, shall be referred to the committee on audit and finance. (Ord. 9 § 1, 1910)

3.04.020 Audit and report of demands.

The committee on audit and finance shall, not later than the second meeting thereafter, audit and report to the council all such demands, with its recommendations thereon in writing. (Ord. 9 § 2, 1910)

3.04.030 Warrant issuance.

Upon the allowance of any such demand the mayor shall draw a warrant upon the clerk/treasurer for same which warrant shall be countersigned by the city clerk-treasurer and shall specify the purpose for which the same is drawn. (Ord. 9 § 3, 1910)

3.04.040 Payment of claims.

A. The finance officer may issue checks in payment of claims before the city council has acted to approve such claims, providing that the conditions below as per RCW 42.24.180 have been met:

1. The auditing officer and the officer designated to sign the checks have each furnished an official bond for the faithful discharge of their duties in the amount of fifty thousand dollars;

2. The city council shall review the documentation supporting claims paid pursuant to this section, and shall approve all checks issued in payment of such claims at its next regularly scheduled public meeting.

B. Claims against City. No account or other demand against the city shall be allowed until the same has been voted upon by the entire council, except that the city clerk/finance director is authorized to make the following expenditures subject to the post audit of the city council:

1. Payroll salaries and expenditures pursuant to budget, ordinance and personnel contract provisions;

2. Expenditures specifically allowed by council action and related incidental expenses;

3. Expenditures may be made under the provisions of an agreement or contract which has been approved by the city council.

C. If, upon review, the city council shall disapprove any such claim the officers of the city who are designated by statute to sign the checks shall jointly cause the disapproved claims to be recognized as receivables of the city and shall pursue collection diligently until the amounts disapproved are collected or until the city council is satisfied and approves the claims. (Ord. 619 §§ 1—5, 1995)