Chapter 3.29


3.29.010    Established.

3.29.020    Applicable claims.

3.29.030    Transfer of funds by clerk-treasurer.

3.29.040    Claims against non-cash basis fund.

3.29.010 Established.

There is created and established in the town a special fund to be known as and entitled the “claims fund”. (Ord. 406 § 1, 1980)

3.29.020 Applicable claims.

All claims against the town arising from sale of materials, supplies or services to the town may be presented on vouchers drawn against the claims fund, and, when approved by the council, paid by warrants drawn against the fund. (Ord. 406 § 2, 1980)

3.29.030 Transfer of funds by clerk-treasurer.

The clerk-treasurer shall by voucher and warrant transfer to the claims fund from the appropriate budgetary funds the various amounts of money properly chargeable to such budgetary funds and required to pay the warrants drawn against the claims fund. Such transfer of funds is to be made monthly after approval of claims against the claims fund. (Ord. 406 § 3, 1980)

3.29.040 Claims against non-cash basis fund.

In case any town fund is not on a cash basis, then claims against such fund shall be presented on vouchers against such fund and not against the claims fund. (Ord. 406 § 4, 1980)