Chapter 12.12


12.12.010    General standards.

12.12.020    Sidewalks.

12.12.030    Curbs.

12.12.040    Driveway specifications.

12.12.050    Sidewalks and curbs in commercial and industrial areas—Specifications.

12.12.060    Permit required—Fee.

12.12.070    Tree planting restricted.

12.12.080    Owners responsible for property lines.

12.12.090    Violation—Penalty.

12.12.010 General standards.

Material shall be Class B concrete, five sacks of cement per cubic yard, and all work shall be done in a neat and workmanlike manner. (Ord. 174 § 1, 1953)

12.12.020 Sidewalks.

A. Sidewalks shall be four feet, six inches in width, and four inches in thickness, located in the street and touching the property line in all residential areas. All walks shall be crossmarked every four and one-half feet with a suitable tool for that purpose, and three-eighths-inch asphalt expansion strips inserted every thirteen and one-half feet.

B. All sidewalks shall slope toward the street at the rate of one inch every five feet, and no walk shall have a glaze finish. (Ord. 174 § 2, 1953)

12.12.030 Curbs.

A. Curb dimensions shall be six inches by sixteen inches by eight and one-half inches by sixteen and one-half inches. The top outside corner shall be finished round with a one-inch radius, with suitable three-eighths-inch asphalt expansion strips every fifteen feet.

B. Curbs on all streets less than eighty feet in width shall touch outside of walks, top surface of curb to match surface of walk, unless otherwise specified; top elevation of walk and curb shall be designated by the street superintendent.

C. Where curbs are used for outside form of walks, tarpaper shims shall be used to keep walks from bonding to curbs, or vice versa.

D. On all streets eighty feet or more in width, in residential areas, a five-foot parking strip shall be allowed between sidewalks and curbs, and it shall be planted to grass only, and cared for by the owners. (Ord. 174 § 3, 1953)

12.12.040 Driveway specifications.

A. All driveway entrances shall have one-half to one slope to street, and ends of driveways shall be tapered the same.

B. All driveways subject to heavy commercial traffic shall be six inches thick.

C. Not more than thirty percent of any one fifty-foot frontage shall be set aside as a driveway without permission of the street committee. (Ord. 174 § 4, 1953)

12.12.050 Sidewalks and curbs in commercial and industrial areas—Specifications.

All sidewalks and curbs in commercial areas shall conform to the same specifications as set forth in this chapter for residential areas, except that sidewalks in commercial and industrial areas shall be seven and one-half feet in width, with six-inch curbs. (Ord. 174 § 6, 1953)

12.12.060 Permit required—Fee.

Before any work shall be done a permit shall be obtained at the town clerk’s office. The fee shall be one dollar for each permit. (Ord. 174 § 7, 1953)

12.12.070 Tree planting restricted.

All future planting of trees shall be on private property, and not less than five feet back from property lines. (Ord. 174 § 5, 1953)

12.12.080 Owners responsible for property lines.

All property owners shall be responsible for their property lines. (Ord. 174 § 8, 1953)

12.12.090 Violation—Penalty.

It shall be a misdemeanor for any person to violate any of the provisions of this chapter, and every person convicted of a misdemeanor for the violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or by imprisonment in the jail for a period not exceeding thirty days, or both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 174 § 9, 1953)