Chapter 12.24


12.24.010    Obstructions designated—Prohibited.

12.24.020    Exceptions.

12.24.030    Nuisance declared—Abatement—Assessment.

12.24.040    Violation—Penalty.

12.24.010 Obstructions designated—Prohibited.

On property at any corner formed by intersecting streets, it is unlawful to park vehicles or to install, set out or maintain, or to allow the installation, setting out or maintenance of, any sign, hedge, shrubbery, natural growth or other obstruction to the view, higher than three feet six inches above the level of the center of the adjacent intersection, within the triangular area between the property line and a diagonal line joining points on the property lines twenty feet from the point of their intersection, or in the case of rounded corners, the triangular area between the tangents twenty feet from the point of their intersection. The tangents referred to are those at the beginning and at the end of the curve at the corner. (Ord. 249 § 1, 1964)

12.24.020 Exceptions.

This chapter shall not extend to permanent buildings in C-1 commercial zone or to portions of permanent structures under roof, public utility poles, trees trimmed (to the trunk) to a line at least eight feet above the level of the intersection, saplings or plant species of open growth habits and not planted in the form of a hedge which are so planted or trimmed as to leave, at all seasons, a clear and unobstructed cross-view; supporting members of appurtenances to existing structures, official warning signs or signals under signs mounted more than ten feet above the ground whose supports do not constitute an obstruction nor to places where the contour of the ground is such that there can be no cross-visibility at such intersections. (Ord. 249 § 2, 1964)

12.24.030 Nuisance declared—Abatement—Assessment.

Every obstruction of the sort prohibited in Sections 12.24.010 and 12.24.020 hereafter installed or permitted to remain within the setback line or the triangular sight areas prescribed in Section 12.24.010, shall be deemed a nuisance and the town authorities, in addition to other remedies available may institute proceedings to abate such nuisances and to assess against the land or premises where on the nuisance was situated a sum equal to the- cost of removing the nuisance. (Ord. 249 § 3, 1964)

12.24.040 Violation—Penalty.

Every person who permits or maintains a public nuisance by violation of the prohibitions set forth in this chapter or who wilfully omits or refuses to remove such nuisance after lawful demand thereof by the chief of police or other authorized town official, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable upon conviction thereof by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars or by imprisonment of not more than ninety days, or by both fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 249 § 4, 1964)