Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Appeals of administrative rulings.

17.40.010 Appeals of administrative rulings.

A. Appeals may be taken to the city council by any person aggrieved or by any officer or department, affected by any order, requirement, permit, decision or determination made by an administrative official in the administration or enforcement of this title or any amendment thereto.

B. In exercising the powers granted herein, the city council may, in conformity with this title, reverse or affirm, wholly or in part, or may modify the order, requirement, decision or determination appealed from, and may make such order, requirement, decision or determination as should be made and, to that end, shall have all the powers of the officer for whom the appeal is being taken, in so far as the decision on the particular issue is concerned, and in making its determination the city council may bear any pertinent facts bearing on the case. (Ord. 547 § 1, 1992)