Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Established.

3.20.020    Source of funds.

3.20.030    Expenditures.

3.20.010 Established.

A water and sewer construction fund is established, which fund shall be designated as such in the appropriate files and records of the town. (Ord. 91 § 1, 1950)

3.20.020 Source of funds.

The funds derived from the Bridgeport 1950 water and sewer bonds Nos. 1 to 160 shall be deposited in the water and sewer construction fund and all other funds derived from like bonds or issues thereof shall be deposited in said fund. (Ord. 91 § 2, 1950)

3.20.030 Expenditures.

The expenditures from the water and sewer construction fund shall be in compliance with the laws of the state pertinent thereto, and with the ordinances of the town thereto. (Ord. 91 § 3, 1950)