Chapter 3.25


3.25.010    Created.

3.25.020    Use of moneys.

3.25.030    Minimum balance and increase of charges.

3.25.010 Created.

There shall be set up in the equipment rental fund a special reserve account for the deposit of such revenue from the equipment rental accounts of the town as the council may direct. (Ord. 305 § l, 1983)

3.25.020 Use of moneys.

The moneys in the special reserve account shall be utilized for repayment of loans, upgrading, repair and replacement of elements of the town’s equipment rental department as such projects are authorized by the council. (Ord. 305 § 2, 1983)

3.25.030 Minimum balance and increase of charges.

The minimum balance of such special reserve account shall be determined by the council and if revenues from the equipment rental receipts are insufficient to properly fund the account then the council may by proper procedure increase the equipment rental charges to properly provide sufficient funding in the account. (Ord. 305 § 3, 1983)