Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Boundary line adjustment—Generally.

16.24.020    Completed application.

16.24.030    Boundary line adjustment review.

16.24.040    Waiver of survey requirement.

16.24.050    Certification and filing.

16.24.010 Boundary line adjustment—Generally.

A boundary line adjustment is a minor adjustment of one property line between two lots in which no third party ownership or additional building site results. It is a type I permit application and processed according to 19.01 BMC. (Ord. 493 (part), 1998: Ord. 382 § 1 (Exh. A (part)), 1990)

16.24.020 Completed application.

Application for a boundary line adjustment shall be made on forms provided by the plat administrator and in addition to that information required by Section 19.02.020 BMC the following shall be submitted:

Where there is not to be filed record of survey, a map of the boundary line adjustment shall be drawn in permanent black ink, on Mylar, sheet size eighteen inches by twenty-four inches at a scale no smaller than one inch equals fifty feet. Information required on or accompanying the map shall include:

A.    Legal description of the revised parcel(s) involved in the boundary line adjustment and sufficient information to locate each lot or tract;

B.    Surveyor’s certificate and all certificates and other information as may be required;

C.    Location of all lots, tracts, parcels, private or public roadways, easements and lot sizes. All boundary lines shall be referenced with proper bearings and distances;

D.    Approval certificate for the plat administrator as follows:

Boundary Line Adjustment No. _____ is hereby approved by and for the City of Bridgeport, Douglas County, Washington.







E.    Each map to be filed with the Douglas County auditor representing an approved boundary line adjustment shall contain the following statements:

1.    The parcel resulting from the boundary line adjustment may not be sold or conveyed separately from the parcel to which it has been added without prior approval of the city,

2.    The boundaries of the parcels resulting from the boundary line adjustment may not be further adjusted without additional review by the city;

F.    Other information as deemed necessary to clarify or complete the application. (Ord. 493 (part), 1998: Ord. 382 § 1 (Exh. A (part)), 1990)

16.24.030 Boundary line adjustment review.

A.    In reviewing any boundary line adjustment, the plat administrator shall determine that:

1.    The boundary line adjustment does not create any additional lot, tract, parcel, site or division. Any change in the number of lots shall be accomplished as a subdivision or short subdivision;

2.    The boundary line adjustment does not create any lot, tract, parcel, site or division which contains insufficient area and dimension to meet minimum requirements for width and area for a building site in accordance with the requirements of the zoning ordinance codified in Title 17 of this code;

3.    The boundary line adjustment results in conformance with setback and density limitations in accordance with the requirements Title 17, BMC;

4.    The boundary line adjustment will not result in any easement in conflict with the lots;

5.    The boundary line adjustment does not include any public dedications of right-of-way or in any easement which is in conflict with existing easements or dedications;

6.    Boundary line adjustments shall not be subject to any minimum improvements.

B.    If the plat administrator finds that any of the above conditions are not met during the boundary line adjustment review, he/she shall deny the boundary line adjustment application and inform the applicant of the applicable review process. (Ord. 493 (part), 1998: Ord. 382 § 1 (Exh. A (part)), 1990)

16.24.040 Waiver of survey requirement.

The plat administrator may waive the requirement for a survey when he/she finds that there is adequate proof that at least two of the parcel’s boundaries have been sufficiently surveyed in a previous survey and that at least one corner of the parcel can be established. (Ord. 493 (part), 1998: Ord. 382 § 1 (Exh. A (part)), 1990)

16.24.050 Certification and filing.

Within fifteen days of the acceptance of the boundary line adjustment application, the plat administrator will either forward an approved boundary line adjustment to the Douglas County auditor for recording or return the application to the applicant for further information. The signature of approval by the city for recording of the boundary line adjustment. The applicant shall assume any costs required by the recording of the approved boundary line adjustment. (Ord. 493 (part), 1998)