Chapter 2.33


2.33.010    Purpose, powers, and duties.

2.33.020    Meetings, membership, terms.

2.33.030    Records.

2.33.040    Continuity of work.

2.33.010 Purpose, powers, and duties.

The Buckley planning commission shall be a planning, reviewing and advisory body to the city council, mayor, city staff, and citizens of Buckley made up of appointed volunteers. The Buckley planning commission shall have such purposes, have certain powers, and perform such duties as detailed below.

(1) The planning commission shall maintain the comprehensive plan of Buckley by analyzing and determining if the city’s plans, goals, and policies are promoting efficient, orderly and coordinated development within the city. The planning commission shall consider applications for amendment of the plan in accordance with Chapters 19.04 and 19.06 BMC.

(2) The planning commission may take the initiative or, if so requested by the council, shall cause to be prepared official controls that, when adopted by ordinance by the council, will further the objectives and goals of the comprehensive plan. The planning commission may also draft such regulations, programs and legislation as may, in its judgment, be required to preserve the integrity of the comprehensive plan and assure its systematic execution, and the planning commission may recommend such plans, regulations, programs and legislation to the council for adoption.

(3) The planning commission shall recommend and review other ordinances, actions, or studies regarding other Buckley development regulations, area plans, and strategies that implement or enforce the Buckley comprehensive plan.

(4) The planning commission shall recommend approval or denial of all Type C-1 applications as specified in BMC Title 20 and shall recommend any modifications necessary to ensure conformance to the general purposes of the comprehensive plan and to standards and specifications established by state law or local controls.

(5) The planning commission shall have other such duties and powers as conferred upon the commission by city ordinances or as directed by council resolution or motion, with limitations for performance of such duties and exercise of such authority to be subject to directives in such enactments. The commission shall promptly report to the council thereon, making such recommendations and giving such counsel as it may deem proper.

(6) The planning commission shall provide opportunities for public comment. The planning commission may hold public meetings, hearings, workshops, listening sessions, or other forums in the exercise of its duties and responsibilities, as it deems necessary and as required by city ordinance or state law. (Ord. 13-19 § 3, 2019; Ord. 11-10 § 1, 2010; Ord. 09-07 § 1, 2007; Ord. 04-06 § 2, 2006).

2.33.020 Meetings, membership, terms.

(1) Meetings.

(a) The planning commission shall hold not less than one regular meeting in each month; provided, that if no matters over which the planning commission has jurisdiction are pending upon its calendar, the meeting shall be cancelled.

(b) Said commission shall consist of a maximum of seven members, appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council.

(c) A majority of the current members of the planning commission constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business and the quorum shall never be less than three members.

(2) Membership. All members must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment and demonstrate proof of Washington and/or Buckley residency as appropriate through presentation of voter registration or other means.

(a) At least 60 percent of the sitting members shall be residents of the city of Buckley.

(b) One member may be a business owner who resides outside of the Buckley city limits, but who owned and operated a business within the city limits for at least one year before appointment to the planning commission and continues to own a business in Buckley while serving as a planning commissioner.

(c) One member may reside outside the city limits, but within a one-mile radius of city limits.

(3) Terms.

(a) Said members shall be appointed for terms of four years in duration.

(b) The terms shall be staggered so that no more than three terms shall expire in any year.

(c) Members of the commission may be removed by the mayor, with the concurrence of the city council, for neglect of duty, conflict of interest, malfeasance in office, other just cause, or for absence from more than three consecutive regular meetings.

(4) Election of Chair and Vice-Chair.

(a) Each year in January, the planning commission shall elect or reelect a chairperson and vice-chairperson and may, in addition, create and fill such other offices as it may determine it requires. (Ord. 02-14 § 1, 2014; Ord. 07-12 § 1, 2012; Ord. 04-06 § 2, 2006).

2.33.030 Records.

The administration of use permits and the requirements for transactions shall be kept in a public record along with other transactions, findings, and determinations that are within the scope of the city planning commission. The manner, scope and system of keeping public records shall be as directed by the city clerk or other employee appointed as custodian of records, and the records shall be subject to the city’s retention schedule approved by the State Archivist. (Ord. 04-06 § 2, 2006).

2.33.040 Continuity of work.

Any work commenced by the prior planning commission shall be completed by the commission created by this chapter, so long as the work is of a sort over which the new planning commission has jurisdiction, and all pending applications shall remain in full force and effect. If any work is pending that is not the sort of work assigned to the new commission, then the city administrator shall reassign that work to other city personnel. (Ord. 04-06 § 2, 2006).