Chapter 17.12


17.12.010    Undergrounding of conduits.

17.12.020    Liability for costs.

17.12.030    Installation standards – City engineer approval.

17.12.010 Undergrounding of conduits.

When a developer and/or landowner extends basic utilities to serve a building site, cable television conduits shall be laid underground at the same time as those other basic utilities. This will include only the conduits needed for street crossings and for mainline distributions of cable television to each building site throughout any proposed development. All conduit ends shall be brought to each building site property line, elbowed to the final ground elevation and capped. If the proposed development site is for multiple-family occupancy, then the conduit shall be so laid and be of sufficient dimension to ensure that cable television service may be connected to each of the proposed living units. In addition, the cable television conduit shall be extended across the proposed development and/or building site to the next property line to ensure availability of hookup to the next lot and/or building site. The conduit shall be of sufficient size and dimension to accommodate the projected maximum numbers of users for the line, said projections to be made by the city engineer. (Ord. 1037 § 1, 1982).

17.12.020 Liability for costs.

The developer and/or landowner shall pay the costs required to install such cable television conduit to each individual property line, including conduit, trenching and easements; provided, the costs of extending the cable television conduit across the frontage of said building site or development to the next property line shall be eligible for latecomers’ agreement as in the case of the extension of other utilities. (Ord. 1037 § 2, 1982).

17.12.030 Installation standards – City engineer approval.

All conduits shall be installed in accordance with industry standards for cable television conduits and shall be subject to the approval of the city engineer. (Ord. 1037 § 3, 1982).