Chapter 2.55


2.55.010    Definitions.

2.55.020    Creation – Eligibility.

2.55.030    Compensation.

2.55.040    Terms of board members – Vacancies.

2.55.050    Officers – Meetings – Quorum – Records.

2.55.060    Powers and duties.

2.55.070    City staff support.

2.55.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the listed terms shall have the following meanings:

(1) “Board” means the city of Burien parks and recreation board; and

(2) “Parks” means areas of land, with or without water, owned by the city and used for public recreational purposes, including landscaped tracts, downtown parks, picnic grounds, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers, camps, foot, bicycle and bridle paths, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, zoological and botanical gardens, facilities for bathing, boating, and fishing, as well as other recreational facilities and open space used for the benefit of the public. [Ord. 325 § 1, 2001; Ord. 228 § 1, 1998]

2.55.020 Creation – Eligibility.

(1) There is hereby created an advisory parks and recreation board, consisting of seven voting members, each appointed by a majority vote of the city council, from among the residents of the city. Appointments shall be made from citizens of recognized fitness for the position, based on a demonstrated interest in parks and recreation, dedication to representing the interests of the public, and to some degree, based on professional training/expertise in related fields. Employees of the city of Burien are not eligible to be appointed to the board.

(2) The council may also appoint alternate (nonvoting) members. The board may from time to time create short-term ad hoc committees that include nonmembers who are deemed important in performing the board’s duties. Tenure shall vary with the need as determined by the board’s voting members. Nonmembers and alternate members shall not have voting rights. [Ord. 566 § 3, 2012; Ord. 325 § 2, 2001; Ord. 228 § 2, 1998]

2.55.030 Compensation.

No board member shall receive any compensation for his or her services. [Ord. 325 § 3, 2001; Ord. 228 § 3, 1998]

2.55.040 Terms of board members – Vacancies.

(1) Except as noted in subsection (2) of this section, board members shall be appointed to four-year terms running from April 1st through March 31st, or until a member’s successor is duly appointed and confirmed; provided, that the term of the member’s successor will be shortened by the length of the hold-over and will be considered a full term. Members of the board may be excused by majority vote of the city council. Vacancies shall be filled for the remaining unexpired portion of the term being filled. Members may be removed if they have unexcused absences totaling 25 percent of the regularly scheduled meetings for the calendar year or three consecutive unexcused absences.

(2) During the initial organization of the board, three of the members shall be appointed to two-year terms to stagger initial membership expiration.

(3) There shall be a term limit of two consecutive full terms. A member who has served two full terms may reapply to serve on the board after a period of two years has elapsed. [Ord. 566 § 3, 2012; Ord. 468 § 1, 2007; Ord. 325 § 4, 2001; Ord. 228 § 4, 1998]

2.55.050 Officers – Meetings – Quorum – Records.

(1) Members of the board shall meet and organize by electing from the members of the board a chair and vice-chair and such other officers as may be necessary. The chair and vice-chair shall be elected for a one-year term. All board members present are eligible to vote. In the event the chair is unable to complete his or her term, the vice-chair will assume the position of the chair until the expiration of the one-year term, and a new vice-chair shall be elected.

(2) The chair shall preside at all meetings of the board and in his or her absence, the vice-chair shall preside. Staff will prepare meeting agendas with advice from the chair.

(3) A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum, and a majority vote of those present shall be necessary to carry any motion.

(4) A meeting of the board shall be held at least once a month. [Ord. 566 § 3, 2012; Ord. 325 § 5, 2001; Ord. 228 § 5, 1998]

2.55.060 Powers and duties.

The board shall:

(1) Develop bylaws to govern the internal affairs of the parks and recreation advisory board. All bylaws must be approved by the Burien city council;

(2) Advise and make recommendations to the city council and the city manager regarding the acquisition, promotion, improvement, maintenance, and use of city parks, and advise and make recommendations in regards to recreational programs and events. All recommendations presented to the council must contain project funding source options and/or financial reports detailing the projected expenditure for the project;

(3) Make recommendations regarding available grants for the purpose of supporting city parks;

(4) Coordinate with the parks and recreation department to assure that the board’s recommendations are feasible and practical;

(5) Submit to the city council during June of each year a report of accomplishments for the previous year and work-plan recommendations for the development and operation of the parks and recreation programs and facilities, for the information of and as a recommendation to the city council in preparing the annual parks and recreation budget;

(6) Carry out other parks and recreation related tasks assigned by the city council or by ordinance; and

(7) Advise and make recommendations to the city council and the city manager regarding issues relating to regulations and care for public trees and other vegetation in a manner that ensures its viability for future generations. [Ord. 406 § 1, 2004; Ord. 325 § 6, 2001; Ord. 228 § 6, 1998]

2.55.070 City staff support.

Administrative staff support shall be provided by the parks and recreation manager or any other designee of the city manager. Said staff support shall be responsible for the agenda packets, written record of the proceedings of the parks and recreation board, and such other support as necessary to enable the parks and recreation board to conduct business and carry out its duties and responsibilities. [Ord. 325 § 7, 2001; Ord. 228 § 7, 1998]