Chapter 5.55


5.55.100    Appointment of licensing and enforcement authority.

5.55.200    Licensing and regulation of taxicab and for-hire vehicles – Adopted by reference.

5.55.300    Penalty for violations.

5.55.100 Appointment of licensing and enforcement authority.

Pursuant to an interlocal agreement, the director of the King County department of executive service, as it exists or may be renamed, and his or her authorized representatives, are delegated the power to determine eligibility for licenses and the power to deny, suspend, or revoke licenses, pursuant to terms of this chapter. A copy of the interlocal agreement shall be available in the office of the city clerk for use and examination by the public. The licenses or permits so issued under the terms of this chapter are separate from and in addition to the Burien business license issued under Chapter 5.05 BMC, which may also be required when applicable. [Ord. 735 § 3, 2020; Ord. 12 § 1, 1993]

5.55.200 Licensing and regulation of taxicab and for-hire vehicles – Adopted by reference.

The following sections of Chapter 6.64 KCC as now in effect, and as may be subsequently amended, are hereby adopted by reference, except that, unless the context indicates otherwise, the word “county” and the words “King County” shall refer to the city and references to violations of the county code or county ordinances shall be deemed to be references to violations of city ordinances:


6.64.010    Definitions.

6.64.020    Taxicab and for-hire license – Applications.

6.64.030    Taxicabs, maximum number.

6.64.040    Color scheme.

6.64.050    Expiration of licenses and license fees.

6.64.060    Unlawful to operate taxicab or for-hire vehicles without liability insurance.

6.64.070    King County taxicab or for-hire license plates.

6.64.080    Duplicate license plates.

6.64.090    Rates.

6.64.100    Display of taxicab or for-hire vehicle number.

6.64.110    Taximeter.

6.64.120    Installation of taximeters.

6.64.130    Flag to be proper position.

6.64.140    Classification and capacity.

6.64.150    Driver’s license.

6.64.160    Trip sheets.

6.64.170    Display of license.

6.64.180    Inspection of taxicab or for-hire vehicles.

6.64.190    Direct route of travel.

6.64.200    Unlawful not to pay fare.

6.64.210    Leaving taxicab or for-hire vehicle unattended.

6.64.220    Baggage.

6.64.230    Two-way radio dispatch.

6.64.240    Discontinued use as taxicab or for-hire vehicle.

6.64.250    Solicitation of fares or carrying non-paying passengers or pets of driver.

6.64.260    Condition of driver.

6.64.270    Suspension – Revocation of for-hire driver’s license.

6.64.280    Licensing fees.

6.64.290    For-hire driver’s license required – Application.

6.64.300    Qualifications for a for-hire driver’s license.

6.64.310    Seattle-King County Health Department.

6.64.320    Fingerprints and photographs to accompany application.

6.64.330    Investigation of applicants for driver’s license.

6.64.340    Temporary permit.

6.64.345    Required training.

6.64.350    Issuance of for-hire driver’s license.

6.64.360    Expiration and renewals of for-hire driver’s license.

6.64.370    For-hire driver’s license fee.

6.64.380    Damaged or worn-out for-hire driver’s licenses to be replaced.

6.64.390    Identification of drivers.

6.64.400    Renewal of license, registration or permit – Late penalty.

6.64.420    Civil penalty.

6.64.430    Additional enforcement.

6.64.440    Scope of authority.

6.64.470    Moratorium.

6.64.480    Transfer of permit.

6.64.490    Driving record.

6.64.500    Passenger complaints process.

6.64.510    Industry reporting.

6.64.520    Response times.

6.64.530    Annual report.

6.64.540    Annual determination of fares and number of licenses.

6.64.550    Interlocal agreement.

6.64.560    Severability.

6.64.570    Taxicab Commission.

[Ord. 12 § 2, 1993]

5.55.300 Penalty for violations.

Any person who violates or fails to comply with any requirement of this chapter shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor. [Ord. 561 § 2 (Exh. A), 2012; Ord. 12 § 3, 1993]