Chapter 9.75


9.75.100    Public nuisances – Adopted by reference.

9.75.200    Penalties for maintenance of public nuisance.

9.75.100 Public nuisances – Adopted by reference.

The following sections of RCW Title 9, as now in effect, and as may subsequently be amended, are adopted by reference to establish crimes relating to public nuisances under the Burien criminal code:


9.66.010    Public nuisance.

9.66.020    Unequal damage.

9.66.030    Maintaining or permitting nuisance.

9.66.040    Abatement of nuisance.

9.66.050    Deposit of unwholesome substance.

[Ord. 63 § 71, 1993]

9.75.200 Penalties for maintenance of public nuisance.

Maintenance of a public nuisance as declared herein, in addition to any other civil or criminal penalties, shall result in a civil penalty not less than $500.00 nor more than $1,000 for a first conviction of maintaining a public nuisance and by abatement by closure of such business or commercial enterprise for the period of 30 days for each subsequent conviction of maintaining a public nuisance. [Ord. 63 § 52, 1993]