Title 10


Division I. General Provisions

10.05    Traffic and Vehicle Code

10.10    Abandoned Vehicles

10.11    Parking on Residential Property

10.12    Vehicle Impoundment

10.15    Parking, Standing and Stopping

Division II. Special Driving and Operating Regulations

10.20    Size, Weight and Load Regulations

10.25    Motorized Foot Scooters

10.30    Special Permits and Permit Procedures (Drivers and Vehicles)

10.40    Regulating the Kinds and Classes of Traffic on Certain Streets

10.45    Engine Compression Brakes

10.50    Penalties

Division III. Commute Trip Reduction

10.60    Commute Trip Reduction


Copies of all state and county codes adopted by reference in this title are available in the office of the city clerk for use and examination by the public.