Title 3


3.04    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.08    Special Excise Tax on Lodging

3.10    Surface Water Management Fees

3.11    Sanitary Sewer System Rates

3.12    Sales and Use Tax

3.14    Additional Sales and Use Tax

3.16    Repealed

3.18    Admission Tax Code

3.20    Repealed

3.24    Local Improvement Guaranty Fund

3.25    Foreclosure of Local Improvement Assessments

3.26    Police Department Substance Abuse Prevention and Investigative Fund

3.28    Additional Funds

3.32    Gambling Tax

3.36    Special Initiative Procedure for Tax Alteration

3.40    Bonds and Obligations

3.44    Excise Tax on Real Estate Sales

3.48    Check Handling Charge

3.52    Repealed

3.56    Brokered Natural Gas Tax

3.60    Indigent Defense Administrative Fee

3.64    Payment of Claims or Obligations

3.68    Tax Refunds

3.70    Business and Occupation Tax

3.72    Administrative Provisions for Business and Occupation Tax

3.74    Sales and Use Tax for Affordable Housing

3.76    Additional Sales or Use Tax for Housing and Related Services