Chapter 5.55


5.55.010    Budget.

5.55.020    Rates and charges.

5.55.010 Budget.

The Board shall approve a budget for each fiscal year, determining Cascade’s revenues and expenditures no later than sixty (60) days before the beginning of the fiscal year in which that budget will be in effect. The budget shall be developed and approved according to a schedule established by the ByLaws. The budget must identify the levels of Member Charges on which revenue projections are based. The Board may amend the budget. [Res. 2012-07 § 45; Res. 2010-08 § 1].

5.55.020 Rates and charges.

When the biennial budget is adopted, Regional capital facilities charges (“RCFCs”) and Member Charges for both years of the biennium will be adopted. [Res. 2018-13 § 1; Res. 2010-08 § 2].