Chapter 2.22


2.22.010    Creation.

2.22.020    Membership.

2.22.030    Officers, meetings, quorum and bylaws.

2.22.040    Authority—Powers and duties.

2.22.050    Initiation of policy recommendations.

2.22.010 Creation.

There is created a Centralia parks and recreation advisory board, hereinafter referred to as “board,” to serve in an advisory capacity to the city council and the parks and recreation director, hereinafter referred to as “director,” in matters enumerated in this chapter. (Ord. 1662 § 1, 1989).

2.22.020 Membership.

A.    Criteria. The selection of board members will be made from individuals who have an interest in park, recreational, social, and cultural activities in the various park and recreational facilities, as may be evidenced by their training, experience, and/or actions, and who reside within Centralia School District No. 401. Membership of the board should include, if possible, both casual and organized users of parks and recreation facilities and programs. Representatives of the board should be selected from area as evenly disbursed geographically as possible.

B.    Composition. The board will consist of five people and preferably would include both male and female members and a youth representative who may be eighteen years of age or younger at the time of appointment. In addition to the five board members, one city council representative will serve for a one-year period and act as a nonvoting council liaison to the board.

C.    Terms. If a youth representative is appointed to the board, their full term will be one year and will expire December 31st of each year. If a youth representative is not appointed to the board, the vacant board position will be filled by a citizen at large with the full term of office for this position being two years, with the term starting January 1st of the year officially appointed and ending December 31st of the following year. The full term of office for the remaining board members will be four years; provided, that any person currently serving on the board will continue to serve until the expiration of the respective term, which terms expire on December 31st as follows: one member in 1995, one member in 1996, and two members in 1997. Subsequent four-year terms of office shall begin on January 1st of the year in which the appointment is made and expires December 31st on the fourth year thereafter. It is intended that no more than two four-year terms will expire in the same year and such terms shall be staggered to achieve this result.

No person may serve on the board more than two consecutive four-year terms; provided, that this provision shall not disqualify any person now serving on the board from completing the term that he or she has been appointed to serve. The council representative may serve successive one-year periods. The youth representative may serve two consecutive two-year terms, provided they will not turn twenty years of age at any time during the second one-year term. If the youth representative board position is vacant and consequently filled by a citizen at large for a two-year term, the citizen at large appointee may serve for another consecutive two-year term provided there are no youth candidates submitted to the city and officially appointed.

The term of office for members appointed to fill expired terms will be a maximum term not to exceed four years with the exception being the youth representative term being the maximum term not to exceed two years, or if a youth position is not appointed to the youth representative board position and a citizen at large is appointed to this position, the maximum term will not exceed two years.

D.    Appointment. Members of the board and the city council representatives will be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the city council. Board members will be selected without regard to political affiliations and will serve without compensation, except for reimbursement of actual expenditures duly authorized by the city council. Appointments to fill an unexpired term will be for the remainder of that term, after which the mayor and the council will consider a full-term appointment.

E.    Removal. Members of the board may be removed by the mayor, with concurrence of the city council, for negligence of duty, conflict of interest, malfeasance in office, or other just cause, or for unexcused absence for more than three consecutive regular meetings. The decision of the city council will be final and there will be no appeal therefrom. Board members who are unable to attend regular meetings are expected to tender their resignation.

F.    Vacancies. Vacancies created by cause other than expiration of term shall be filled for the remainder of the term in the same manner as otherwise provided in this section. (Ord. 1837 § 1, 1995: Ord. 1718 § 1, 1991: Ord. 1662 § 2, 1989).

2.22.030 Officers, meetings, quorum and bylaws.

A.    Officers. The board will, during the first board meeting in January, annually select from its members a chairperson to serve for a one-year period, or until a successor is elected. The chairperson will preside at all meetings, preserve order and decorum, enforce the rules and regulations of the board, sign all letters and documents as authorized by the board and as prescribed by law, and will otherwise perform the duties devolving upon a presiding officer. The board will also select a vice chairperson.

The board will select a secretary who will assume charge of all records of the board and who will keep accurate and complete minutes of all meetings thereof. The secretary need not be a member of the board.

B.    Meetings. The board will determine a regular meeting schedule (time, place, and frequency), as necessary, but not less than once each month, unless the chairperson determines no meeting is necessary. Special board meetings may be held as often as deemed necessary by the board. All meetings will be open to the public. Accurate minutes will be kept of all meetings and shall be made available to the public. A copy thereof will be transmitted to the city council.

C.    Quorum. Three members of the board will constitute quorum for the transaction of business.

D.    Bylaws. The board will adopt bylaws for the conduct of its business, a copy of which will be kept on file in the city clerk’s office. (Ord. 1662 § 3, 1989).

2.22.040 Authority—Powers and duties.

A.    The board will have only such powers and authority as may be granted to it by the city council. The board shall have no final authority over the adoption of policy nor the administration of the parks and recreation department.

B.    The board will act at all times in an advisory capacity to the city council and the director, and will have no direct power. It will interpret community programs, facilities and needs, survey public opinion, prepare studies and reports as requested by the council, make recommendation on subjects as may be requested from time to time by the city council, the director, or the general public.

C.    The board will serve as a liaison between citizens, the parks and recreation department, and the city council. The board is subject to rules and regulations in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as prescribed by city ordinance and the board manual both of which may be from time to time amended by the city council. (Ord. 1662 § 4, 1989).

2.22.050 Initiation of policy recommendations.

A.    The parks and recreation committee of the city council or the city council will be the initiator of requests to study city policy regarding parks and recreation facilities and programs and the council committee will be responsible for coordinating that effort with the city’s goals and priorities. The council committee will from time to time, but at least annually, communicate its requests to the board.

B.    Requests of the board to study and/or make recommendations on administrative policy will be initiated by the director.

C.    The board may from time to time initiate study and recommendations by first submitting the topics to the director who will be responsible for coordinating with the parks and recreation committee of the council. When approval of the city council is received, the board will commence its work on the approved topics. (Ord. 1662 § 5, 1989).