Chapter 2.22


2.22.010    Creation.

2.22.020    Membership—Terms—Appointment—Removal—Vacancies.

2.22.030    Officers—Meetings—Quorum—Records.

2.22.040    Authority—Powers and duties.

2.22.050    Repealed.

2.22.010 Creation.

There is hereby created a parks and recreation advisory board to serve in an advisory capacity to the city council and city departments and staff in matters related to city-sponsored recreational activities and the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the city parks, playgrounds, and other recreation facilities. (Ord. 2530 § 1, 2023; Ord. 1662 § 1, 1989).

2.22.020 Membership—Terms—Appointment—Removal—Vacancies.

A.    The parks and recreation advisory board shall consist of seven members that include both male and female members and at least one high school student. Board members that are high school students shall be classified as “youth representatives.”

B.    The selection of board members shall be made from individuals who reside within Centralia School District No. 401 and who have a demonstrated interest in recreational, social, and cultural activities in the various parks and recreational facilities of the city. Such demonstrated interest shall be evidenced by their training, experience, organizational affiliations, volunteerism, or actions. Membership of the board shall include, if possible, representatives of both casual and organized users of park and recreation facilities and programs.

C.    The maximum term of office for all board members shall be four years. The term of youth representatives appointed to the board shall expire at the end of June following such representative’s graduation from high school. Board members may serve for more than one term and shall hold office until their successors are appointed and approved.

D.     Board members shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the city council. Board members shall be selected without regard to political affiliations and shall serve without compensation, except for the reimbursement of actual expenditures which have been duly authorized by the city council.

E.     Board members may be removed by the mayor with the concurrence of a majority of the city council for negligence of duty, conflict of interest, malfeasance in office, unexcused absence from more than three consecutive regular meetings, or other good and sufficient cause. Board members who become unable to attend regular meetings shall tender their resignation.

F.     In the event of a vacancy, an appointment shall be made to fill the vacancy in the same manner as provided herein. The newly appointed board member shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. (Ord. 2530 § 1, 2023; Ord. 1837 § 1, 1995: Ord. 1718 § 1, 1991: Ord. 1662 § 2, 1989).

2.22.030 Officers—Meetings—Quorum—Records.

A.     The parks and recreation advisory board shall, during its first meeting in January, elect from its members a chairperson and a vice-chairperson to serve for the following year. The chairperson shall preside at all meetings, preserve order and decorum, sign all letters and documents as authorized by the board and prescribed by law, and perform such other duties normally performed by a presiding officer. The term of each officer shall be one year, and all officers shall be eligible for reelection. A member of city staff shall be designated the secretary of the board.

B.     The board shall hold at least one regular meeting each month. Regular meetings may be cancelled if no business is pending before the board, but at least one meeting shall be held per calendar year. The city council or city manager may request the board meet more frequently, and the chairperson or any four members of the board may call for a meeting when necessary to deal with business pending before the board.

C.     Four members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and, unless otherwise provided for, four affirmative votes shall be required for action on any motion or other matter acted upon by the board.

D. The board shall keep a record of its agendas, minutes, resolutions, transactions, findings, and determinations, all of which shall be public records. It shall be the duty of the secretary to prepare, distribute, and keep agendas and minutes of all meetings of the board, preserve all records and reports made to or by the board, and file all agendas, minutes, reports, and other records with the city clerk. (Ord. 2530 § 1, 2023; Ord. 1662 § 3, 1989).

2.22.040 Authority—Powers and duties.

A.    The board shall have only such powers, duties, and authority as may be granted to it by the city council. The board shall have no final authority over the adoption of policies nor the administration of city-sponsored recreational activities or the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the city parks, playgrounds, and other recreation facilities.

B.    The board shall analyze community programs, facilities, and needs; survey public opinion; prepare studies and reports; and make recommendations on subjects as may be requested from time to time by the city council.

C.    The board shall serve as a liaison between citizens, the city council, and city departments and staff. (Ord. 2530 § 1, 2023; Ord. 1662 § 4, 1989).

2.22.050 Initiation of policy recommendations.

Repealed by Ord. 2530. (Ord. 1662 § 5, 1989).