Chapter 2.25


2.25.010    Introduction.

2.25.020    Creation and organization of committees.

2.25.030    Responsibilities and authority of committees.

2.25.040    Applicability.

2.25.010 Introduction.

A. The purpose of this chapter is to establish rules and policies for the creation, organization, authority, responsibilities, and dissolution, when necessary, of committees of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.

B. Committees may be established, from time to time, for the purposes of advising existing departments of Tribal government, promoting or serving the interests of the community, fostering identified special interests, or for any other purposes that the Business Committee may deem appropriate.

C. A list of the existing committees and their members shall be maintained and updated by the Business Committee. This list will be available for review upon request by any Tribal Member, and at the annual meeting. [Res. 2016-17; Res. 2011-020; Res. 2005-31. Prior code §]

2.25.020 Creation and organization of committees.

The Business Committee may, in its discretion, establish committees for any of the purposes set forth above. Members of such committees shall be appointed by the Business Committee. Alternatively, members may be appointed by the Business Committee following a vote of the General Council, pursuant to an election conducted after proper notice.

A. Committees shall be composed of an odd number of members, with a total membership of at least five enrolled members of the Tribe.

B. Elected members of the Business Committee shall not be appointed to serve on any committee. Elected officials may serve in an ex officio (nonvoting) capacity on any committee at their discretion.

C. All committees established pursuant to this chapter shall elect officers. At a minimum, each committee shall have a chairman, a vice chairman, and a recording secretary.

D. Elected members of committees will be appointed to terms with ending dates staggered so they will not all expire at the same point.

E. All committees established pursuant to this chapter shall hold meetings on a regular basis. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum, unless otherwise mandated by a different ordinance.

F. Decisions and recommendations made by a committee shall have a majority of the committee members voting in favor of the action, without regard for the number of those present.

G. Committee meetings will not be held without proper advance notice of committee meetings to each committee member.

H. All committees will establish bylaws for approval by the Business Committee. At a minimum, the bylaws will address the following issues:

1. Purpose;

2. Membership;

3. Officers;

4. Duties of officers;

5. Quorum;

6. Meetings;

7. Notice.

I. Should any member of a committee fail to attend regular meetings of the committee, that member may be removed and replaced at the discretion of the Business Committee, or at the recommendation of a majority of the committee members. [Res. 2016-17; Res. 2011-020; Res. 2005-31. Prior code §]

2.25.030 Responsibilities and authority of committees.

A. The Business Committee retains oversight authority over each committee created pursuant to this chapter. Committees established pursuant to this chapter are advisory to the Business Committee and do not have the authority to perform staff functions for any department of Tribal government or to make budgetary decisions for the Tribe. When specifically directed by the Business Committee, committees may review and provide input on various decisions and issues facing the Business Committee.

B. Each committee shall keep minutes of each regular committee meeting. Within three weeks after each committee meeting, minutes of that meeting shall be completed, an approved copy shall be provided to the Business Committee, and shall be available for review by any member of the General Council upon request, after reasonable notice. At a minimum, the official minutes will include date, attendance, and record of vote on any official action.

C. Committees established pursuant to this chapter shall not ordinarily be provided with a budget. If a committee is created to advise a department of Tribal government, that department may include in its own budget a request that the costs incurred by the committee in performing its functions be reimbursed from that budget.

D. Committees shall not have supervisory responsibility nor authority over any staff member.

E. Committees established for such purposes may review program service delivery and recommend changes to the department and/or to the Business Committee.

F. Committees may be dissolved by the Business Committee from time to time in its discretion. This will only be done with at least 30 days’ public notice, at an annual meeting. [Res. 2016-17; Res. 2011-020; Res. 2005-31. Prior code §]

2.25.040 Applicability.

This chapter shall apply to all existing committees and those established in the future. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a committee or commission has been established by a previous ordinance, the previous ordinance shall control. From the date of adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter, or from the date of creation of any new committee, each committee will have a period of 90 days to organize in accordance with this chapter. [Res. 2011-020; Res. 2005-31. Prior code §]