Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Passage of ordinances.

1.12.020    Signature – Records.

1.12.040    Validation.

1.12.010 Passage of ordinances.

All ordinances hereafter adopted by the council of the city of Chelan shall be passed in the following manner: Any proposed ordinance shall be first handed to the city clerk. It shall be placed upon the agenda for the next regular meeting of the council and read at that time. The mayor shall then call for discussion thereon and the matter shall be put to a vote upon motion to adopt the proposed ordinance. The passage of an ordinance shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the whole membership of the council. Upon adoption of the ordinance, the clerk shall assign to it the next number in sequence after the last numbered ordinance. (Ord. 480 § 1, 1974: Ord. 59 § 1, 1912).

1.12.020 Signature – Records.

Ordinances shall be signed by the mayor and attested to by the clerk. The clerk shall authenticate by his signature all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the council and shall record in full all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the council in a properly indexed book kept for that purpose. The clerk shall keep a file of the original ordinances and resolutions as adopted, arranged in numerical order, on which he shall note the number of the page in the ordinance book where the same have been recorded. Such book, or copies of ordinances or resolutions, shall be available for inspection by the public at the Chelan City Hall during the hours of nine a.m. to five p.m. each day that the clerk’s office is open for business. (Ord. 480 § 2, 1974: Ord. 59 § 2, 1912).

1.12.040 Validation.

Every ordinance which passes the council must be presented to the mayor. If he approves it, he shall sign it, but if not, he shall return it with his written objections to the council and the council shall cause his objections to be entered at large upon the journal and proceed to a reconsideration thereof. If upon reconsideration a majority, plus one, of the whole membership of the council, voting upon a call of ayes and nays, favor its passage, the ordinance shall become valid notwithstanding the mayor’s veto. If the mayor fails for ten days to either approve or veto an ordinance, it shall become valid without his approval. (Ord. 480 § 4, 1974).


For statutory provisions relating to the passage, publication and recording of ordinances under a mayor-council plan of government, see RCW 35A.12.130, 35A.12.150, 35A. 12. 160.