Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Required.

2.40.020    Amounts.

2.40.030    Surety.

2.40.040    Premium payment.

2.40.050    Examination and approval.

2.40.060    Filing.

2.40.010 Required.

As a condition of employment or of continued employment with the city, or as a qualification for office, as the case may be, all persons now holding, or hereafter appointed to the following positions shall be required to furnish annually an official bond conditioned upon the honest and faithful performance of their official duties:

A. The city clerk;

B. The finance director;

C. All deputy city clerks and all deputy finance directors;

D. The parks and recreation director; and

E. The golf professional at the municipal golf course. (Ord. 1286 § 3, 2004: Ord. 503 § 1, 1975; Ord. 482 § 1, 1974).

2.40.020 Amounts.

The penalties of the honesty and faithful performance bonds shall be the sum of five thousand dollars for the clerk, clerk-treasurer, treasurer, golf professional and director of parks and recreation; and the sum of two thousand dollars for all of the other positions listed in Section 2.40.010. (Ord. 503 § 2, 1975: Ord. 482 § 2, 1974).

2.40.030 Surety.

The surety for official bonds shall be a corporate surety qualified and authorized to conduct such business in the state. (Ord. 482 § 3, 1974).

2.40.040 Premium payment.

The premiums on all such bonds shall be paid by the city. (Ord. 482 § 4, 1974).

2.40.050 Examination and approval.

The bonds, when issued, shall be examined an approved by the mayor of the city. (Ord. 482 § 5, 1974).

2.40.060 Filing.

Such bonds, after approval, shall be kept on file in the city clerk’s office and shall be available for inspection upon request. (Ord. 482 § 6, 1974).