Chapter 3.84


3.84.010    Housing Fund No. 105 created – Expenditures – Carryover.

3.84.010 Housing Fund No. 105 created – Expenditures – Carryover.

A. There is created and established a special fund to be known as the “Housing Fund No. 105,” into which all monies and proceeds from the surcharge created by RCW 36.22.178, and allocated to the city pursuant to its “Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Chelan County” dated March 11, 2003, and which shall be used for no purpose other than as established by RCW 36.22.178 and the said interlocal cooperation agreement. In addition to monies and proceeds described above, the city may deposit in Housing Fund No. 105 additional monies and proceeds from donations, grants, and other resources that may become available from time to time.

B. Restricted funds deposited per RCW 36.22.178 and remaining in Housing Fund No. 105 at the end of any budget year shall not be transferred to General Fund No. 001 or otherwise lapse, but shall be carried forward from year to year until expended for the purposes set forth in this chapter.

C. Any other monies not otherwise restricted by RCW 36.22.178, grant provisions, or agreement, may be transferred out of Housing Fund No. 105 and into General Fund No. 001 upon completion of affordable housing projects or at a time council deems appropriate, through the budgetary process. (Ord. 1548 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018: Ord. 1276 § 1, 2004).