Chapter 5.28


5.28.010    Vehicle defined.

5.28.020    Permitting operation by unlicensed driver unlawful.

5.28.030    Driver’s license – Required.

5.28.040    Driver’s license – Possession required when.

5.28.050    Information to police officers.

5.28.060    Unclaimed property.

5.28.070    Taxi stands – Permit – Fee.

5.28.080    Vehicle licenses.

5.28.010 Vehicle defined.

“Vehicle,” wherever used in this chapter, includes automobiles, taxicabs and other conveyances, excepting stages and buses running on regular schedules through the city, used for the transportation of passengers or baggage upon the streets of the city. (Ord. 203 § 1, 1946).

5.28.020 Permitting operation by unlicensed driver unlawful.

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation conducting or carrying on the business of transporting passengers for hire to permit any person not licensed as in this chapter provided to drive, operate or be in charge of any such vehicle. (Ord. 203 § 2, 1946).

5.28.030 Driver’s license – Required.

It is unlawful for any person to drive, operate or be in charge of any vehicle used in transporting passengers for hire unless such person be licensed therefor as herein provided:

A. Every person so licensed shall:

1. Be at least twenty-one years of age;

2. Not be addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors or drugs;

3. Be physically and mentally fit to operate such vehicle.

B. Before any such license is granted, the applicant shall file with the city clerk a sworn statement giving his name, age, residence, address, married or single, last place of employment, whether he has been previously licensed as a driver, and if so where, and whether his license has been suspended or revoked, and if so, for what cause.

C. The license fee for such license shall be two dollars and fifty cents per year.

D. Every such license shall expire on the last day of December following date of issue.

E. For cause, every such license may be suspended not to exceed a period of thirty days by the city clerk, and may at any time be revoked by the council, which may, in its discretion, fix a time and place for hearing upon such revocation and give notice thereof.

F. A violation of any ordinance of the city, or any law of the state of Washington or of the United States, relating to the business of transporting passengers for hire, or in any manner relating to the operation or maintenance of motor vehicles, or any disqualification on the part of the licensee as to any of the matters in this chapter shall be sufficient grounds for the revocation or suspension of such license.

G. No person whose license has been revoked shall again be licensed within one year therefrom without the special permission of the council. (Ord. 203 § 3, 1946).

5.28.040 Driver’s license – Possession required when.

The license herein provided for shall be carried at all times by the licensee while driving or in charge of any vehicle for hire upon any of the streets of the city. (Ord. 203 § 4, 1946).

5.28.050 Information to police officers.

Every person engaged in the business of transporting passengers for hire and every person granted a license under the provisions of this chapter for the driving or operating of any vehicle used in carrying passengers for hire, shall give all information with reference to the address of the house or place to or from which he has driven or caused to be driven any passenger, with description, names and addresses of such passengers, if known to him, to any police officer on being requested to do so. (Ord. 203 § 5, 1946).

5.28.060 Unclaimed property.

Owners, drivers and operators of vehicles for transporting passengers for hire shall promptly deliver to the police station, within twenty-four hours, all property of value left in any of their respective vehicles by passengers. (Ord. 203 § 6, 1946).

5.28.070 Taxi stands – Permit – Fee.

The council may, on written application therefor, designate and reserve places on the public highways of the city where vehicles engaged in carrying passengers for hire may stand for public patronage. The city clerk shall issue a permit for such reserved spaces. The fee for such reserved spaces shall be the sum of sixty dollars per year per car space. Each permit shall expire on the last day of December following the date of issue thereof. Such permits may be suspended or revoked for the violation of any of the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 211 § 1, 1948: Ord. 203 § 7, 1946).

5.28.080 Vehicle licenses.

A. Every person, firm or corporation who, by means of any vehicle, carries any person within the corporate limits of the city for hire shall purchase a business license based upon the number of employees.

B. No license shall be issued under this section until the applicant therefor has procured all licenses or permits required by the laws of the state for the operation of such vehicle and has executed any bonds required by law for carrying on such business.

C. Only one person, firm or corporation shall be licensed to operate vehicles for hire in the city, when, in the opinion of a majority of the city council, the issuance of more than one such license would jeopardize the ability of either or both such persons, firms or corporations to provide adequate service to the citizens of the city.

D. Every person, firm or corporation applying for such a license shall first procure bodily liability insurance in the amounts of fifty thousand dollars, one hundred thousand dollars and property liability insurance in the amount of twenty thousand dollars. (Ord. 530 § 1, 1976: Ord. 517 § 1, 1975: Ord. 203 § 8, 1946).


For statutory provisions allowing cities to tax and license vehicles for hire, see RCW 35.23.440 (7).