Chapter 10.64


10.64.010    Statutory authority for restricting.

10.64.020    Prohibited on portions of Woodin Avenue.

10.64.030    Violation – Penalty.

10.64.010 Statutory authority for restricting.

Pursuant to the authority granted to the city by the provisions of RCW 47.48.010, the council of the city finds that the continued use of certain portions of Woodin Avenue in the city by large trucks and trailer-truck combinations will be likely to damage the old bridge over the Chelan River and further that such use is dangerous to the other traffic using such route. (Ord. 647 § 1, 1980).

10.64.020 Prohibited on portions of Woodin Avenue.

Vehicles or any combination of vehicles having more than two axles are prohibited from using that portion of Woodin Avenue from the intersection of Woodin and Webster Streets on the west through the city to the intersection of Woodin and Saunders on the east; provided, however, that this section shall not prohibit the use of the aforesaid portion of Woodin Avenue by such vehicles for delivery to or access to local points along said route. (Ord. 647 § 2, 1980).

10.64.030 Violation – Penalty.

A violation of this chapter constitutes a civil infraction and shall be punished by the imposition of a civil fine of two hundred and fifty dollars. (Ord. 1444 § 1, 2012: Ord. 647 § 3, 1980).