Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    City to operate water system.

13.04.020    Connection required for service.

13.04.030    Water service pipes and connections.

13.04.060    Failure to connect.

13.04.080    Public works director – Duties.

13.04.010 City to operate water system.

The city shall operate and maintain a domestic water system and shall serve all properties within the city requesting such service. The city may also contract with adjacent public agencies to provide this service to them. This system shall be under the general supervision of the public works director. Extension of the system to serve new customers shall be done at the sole expense of these customers. (Ord. 829 § 2 (part), 1987: Ord. 674 § 3, 1980).

13.04.020 Connection required for service.

Each separate dwelling, building or structure shall be connected in accordance with the provisions of this chapter before the city will provide water service. (Ord. 674 § 4, 1980).

13.04.030 Water service pipes and connections.

All water service pipes and connections of a proper size, as determined by the city engineer in compliance with the standards set forth in Title 25, as now exists or as may be hereafter amended, including the stop valve and water meter, which shall be placed at the property line, will be furnished, installed and maintained by and under his supervision from the city’s distribution mains to the water meter serving the property, and shall be so kept and maintained within the exclusive control and supervision of the city. The responsibility for the maintenance of the water line on the building side of the water meter shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner. No person shall be allowed to dig in any street or alley or to turn on or off any water service without the prior approval of the city engineer. This shall apply to existing lots only without service lines. New plats will require developers to install services to the property line. The city will schedule installation of meter when connection fees are paid. (Ord. 1109 § 9, 1998: Ord. 1061 § 15, 1997: Ord. 674 § 5, 1980).

13.04.060 Failure to connect.

If any such connection is not made within the time provided, the public works supervisor is authorized and directed to cause the same to be made and to file a statement of the cost thereof with the city clerk; and thereupon a warrant shall be issued by the city clerk and against the water and sewer revenue fund for the payment of such cost. Such amount, together with a penalty of ten percent thereof, plus interest at the rate of ten percent per year upon the total amount of such cost and penalty, shall be assessed against the property upon which the building or structure is situated and shall become a lien thereon. Such total amount when collected shall be paid into said water and sewer fund. (Ord. 674 § 8, 1980).

13.04.080 Public works director – Duties.

The public works director shall supervise the maintenance and operation of the water and sewer department, be responsible for all excavations, repairs, connections, construction and maintenance thereof and enforce the rules and regulations provided in this chapter and in Chapter 13.06. (Ord. 829 § 2, 1987: Ord. 674 § 10, 1980).