Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Water meters – Installation required.

13.16.020    Water meters – City ownership.

13.16.030    Water meters – Protection.

13.16.050    Nonmetered water services.

13.16.010 Water meters – Installation required.

All water services, except fire hydrants and standby fire services shall be metered and the cost of the water meter installation shall be the responsibility of the property owner being served. Where nonmetered services presently exist, and upon notice from the city, the property owner shall pay the water meter installation charge and the city shall install the water meter. All connections with the water system by the owner or applicant shall be made by and with a union placed and attached to the water system within the curbline and shall be inspected by the public works supervisor. (Ord. 674 § 24, 1980).

13.16.020 Water meters – City ownership.

All meters shall be and remain the property of the city and shall be set and placed for use upon lands and premises or building or structure of the applicant at said applicant’s charge and expense and shall be so placed as to render the meters convenient and accessible to the inspection and reading thereof by the city. The right is given and granted to the city to enter all premises where any such meter or meters are placed for the purpose of inspecting and reading the same at all reasonable times. (Ord. 674 § 25, 1980).

13.16.030 Water meters – Protection.

It shall be the responsibility of the customer to protect his water meter from damage by freezing. When necessary, frozen, injured, broken or destroyed meters will be repaired or replaced by the city and the cost thereof shall be billed to the customer. (Ord. 674 § 26, 1980).

13.16.050 Nonmetered water services.

Until such time as water meters have been installed, customers without meters shall be charged at the established base rate per month for the type of facility served. (Ord. 674 § 27, 1980).