Chapter 17.12


17.12.010    Districts – Established and designated.

17.12.020    Boundaries.

17.12.025    Fees.

17.12.030    Administrative violations, penalties and enforcement.

17.12.040    Permits and authorization to conform.

17.12.050    Repealed.

17.12.060    Repealed.

17.12.010 Districts – Established and designated.

The incorporated territory of the city of Chelan is divided into the land use districts set forth in Section 17.04.040 as the same exists now or may be hereafter amended.

These land use districts of the city are established and designated by a legend on the official map of land use districts (the official city zoning map) as the same now exists or may be hereafter amended, which by this reference is made a part of this title.

The regulations set forth in this title for each land use district shall be the minimum requirements. (Ord. 1114 § 5, 1998: Ord. 469 § 2, 1974; Ord. 314 § 4A, 1962).

17.12.020 Boundaries.

Where uncertainty exists as to any of the zone boundaries as shown on the zoning map, the following rules shall apply:

A. Where such boundaries are indicated as approximately following the centerline of roads, streets, highways, alleys, railroads or rivers, the centerlines shall be construed to be such boundaries.

B. Where such boundaries are indicated as approximately following lot lines the lot lines shall be construed to be such boundaries.

C. In unsubdivided land and where a zone boundary divides an ownership, the location of the boundary, unless it is indicated by dimensions shown on the map, shall be determined by scale measurement.

D. Where zoning districts border Lake Chelan, the line separating such districts shall be projected to the one-thousand-seventy-nine-foot contour meander line of the lake in such a manner that the projection is a continuation of the boundary line as it is plotted above the present shoreline of Lake Chelan. In cases where the natural projection of these lines shall cross prior to their reaching the one-thousand-seventy-nine-foot contour meander line, the lines bearing the closest to the true north-south direction shall be continued to the one-thousand-seventy-nine-foot contour meander line and other projection lines shall terminate at the intersection. (Ord. 1533 § 6 (Exh. 17) (part), 2017; Ord. 314 § 4B, 1962).

17.12.025 Fees.

The city council shall, by resolution, establish fees payable at the time of filing for actions to be taken under this title. (Ord. 688 § 1, 1982: Ord. 656 § 1, 1980: Ord. 616 § 2, 1979: Ord. 314 (part), 1962).

17.12.030 Administrative violations, penalties and enforcement.

The planning and community development director shall administer the provisions of this title, may appoint officers and deputize such employees as may be authorized to assist him or her in its administration, and shall adopt, and revise as required, such instructions and forms as are necessary to serve the public need and carry out the provisions of this title. Except as otherwise expressly provided, any violation of this title shall be enforced according to the uniform procedures set out in Chapter 2.80. (Ord. 1502 § 4 (Exh. P), 2015: Ord. 314 § 18A, 1962).

17.12.040 Permits and authorization to conform.

No city official or employee shall issue a building permit or give other authorization, including a variance or conditional use permit, for any use or occupancy that would not be in full compliance with this title. Any such permit or other authorization in violation of this title shall be void without the necessity of any proceedings for revocation or nullification, and any work undertaken for use established pursuant to any such permit or other authorization shall be unlawful, and no action shall be taken by any elected or appointed official of the city purporting to validate any violations. (Ord. 314 § 18B, 1962).

17.12.050 Building official.

Repealed by Ord. 1502. (Ord. 314 § 18C, 1962).

17.12.060 Enforcement.

Repealed by Ord. 1502. (Ord. 314 § 22, 1962).