Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Permitted uses.

17.36.020    Accessory uses.

17.36.030    Conditional uses.

17.36.040    Dimensional standards and development requirements.

17.36.010 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses are as follows:

A. Any use permitted in the R-L Residential District, R-M Residential District, or T-A Tourist Accommodation District. Single- and multi-family dwellings, including townhouses, shall be subject to the relevant provisions of Chapter 17.24;

B. Public and commercial automobile parking lots and garages and appertaining uses;

C. Mortuaries;

D. Advertising signs; provided, that they meet the setback requirements of this district;

E. Veterinary hospitals;

F. Automobile sales lots, repairs, bus and truck terminals;

G. Machinery and farm equipment sales and services, tire recapping and similar businesses;

H. Lumberyards, basic construction materials, fuel, livestock feeds and similar uses;

I. Boat building and sales;

J. Plumbing, heating or electrical shops;

K. Manufactured home parks subject to Chapter 17.54;

L. Restaurants, and drive-in restaurants;

M. Liquor stores, taverns, cocktail lounges, and nightclubs;

N. Radio and TV studios;

O. Transient businesses;

P. Grocery stores;

Q. Clinic;

R. Barber or beauty shops;

S. Office, business or professional;

T. Bakery, candy store, or confectionery store, provided all products which are produced are sold only at retail on the premises;

U. Shoe sales or repair;

V. Radio, television and small appliance sales and service, provided all storage is contained within the structure;

W. Photographic and musical studio, sales and service;

X. Tailor and upholstery shop;

Y. Bank or other financial institution;

Z. Apparel;

AA. Parking lot;

AB. Locksmith;

AC. Newspaper, printing or lithography establishment;

AD. Florist;

AE. Self-service laundry;

AF. Arts and crafts;

AG. Family day care homes, subject to licensing requirements of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services and fire code requirements as set forth in Chapter 212-54 WAC;

AH. Radio and TV studios;

AI. Private educational institutions;

AJ. Special event as defined in and pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 5.50, as the same exists now or may hereafter be amended. (Ord. 1533 § 6 (Exh. 33) (part), 2017: Ord. 1411 § 3 (Exh. A), 2010: Ord. 1355 § 3 Exh. 1 (part), 2008; Ord. 1118 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1061 § 28, 1997; Ord. 837 § 2, 1988; Ord. 724 § 3, 1983; Ord. 314 § 10A, 1962).

17.36.020 Accessory uses.

Accessory uses are as follows:

A. Signs. Any sign which does not conflict with traffic control devices or the visibility of traffic control devices and is installed in conformance with the sign ordinance of the city;

B. On-site hazardous waste facilities;

C. Fences permitted under the same conditions as listed in Section 17.20.020(G). (Ord. 886 § 5, 1989; Ord. 868 § 4, 1989; Ord. 314 § 10B, 1962).

17.36.030 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses are as follows:

A. Clinics, hospitals and medical facilities under conditions set forth in Chapter 17.56;

B. Telephone exchanges, electric substations and similar uses of public service corporations; provided such buildings or installations conform to or harmonize with the surrounding area;

C. Municipal buildings under conditions set forth in Chapter 17.56;

D. Parks and playgrounds, including park buildings;

E. Historical site or structure under conditions set forth in Section 17.56.200;

F. Gasoline service stations under conditions set forth in Section 17.56.220;

G. Day care centers under conditions set forth in Chapter 17.56;

H. Bed and breakfast, under conditions set forth in Section 17.56.230;

I. Churches, under conditions set forth in Section 17.56.110;

J. Marijuana retail outlets;

K. Mortuary;

L. Clinics, medical and dental; convalescent home and nursing home;

M. Public utility provided all equipment storage on the site is within an enclosed structure;

N. Mobile home park;

O. Mini-storage within enclosed structure;

P. Museum;

Q. Antique shop;

R. Mini day care centers, and day care centers within churches and other semipublic buildings, under conditions set forth in Chapter 17.56;

S. Veterinary hospitals, under conditions set forth in Section 17.56.260. (Ord. 1533 § 6 (Exh. 34) (part), 2017: Ord. 1474 § 4, 2014; Ord. 1176 § 1, 2000; Ord. 800 § 5, 1987; Ord. 763 § 1, 1985; Ord. 730 § 3, 1984; Ord. 625 § 1 (part), 1979; Ord. 314 § 10C, 1962).

17.36.040 Dimensional standards and development requirements.

Minimum dimensional standards and development requirements are as follows:

A. Maximum gross density and minimum lot area:

1. Maximum gross density: 8.7 du/acre; and

2. Minimum lot area: five thousand square feet;

B. Minimum width of lot at building line: fifty feet;

C. Minimum lot depth: one hundred feet;

D. Maximum lot coverage: sixty-five percent;

E. Maximum height of buildings: forty feet; provided, that an applicant may seek a maximum height of fifty feet consistent with Section 17.04.200;

F. Minimum setback distances:

Front yard: zero feet;

Rear yard: five feet;

Side yard: zero feet.

Buildings on corner lots shall provide at least one rear yard setback;

G. Any nonresidential development of property directly abutting property used for residential purposes or abutting an alley the other side of which abuts property used for residential purposes shall include the placement of a view-obscuring hedge or fence between the property being developed and the residential use property for the length of the interface between the nonresidential and residential uses. (Ord. 1533 § 6 (Exh. 35) (part), 2017: Ord. 957 § 1, 1992: Ord. 665 § 5, 1980: Ord. 314 § 10D, 1962).