Chapter 1.300


1.300.010    Established.

1.300.020    Board of trustees—Appointment.

1.300.030    Board of trustees—Terms.

1.300.010 Established.

The Brae Burn mosquito control district was established by a vote of the people at a special election on May 18, 1999, in Chelan County. (Res. 99-103 (part), 8/9/99).

1.300.020 Board of trustees—Appointment.

Pursuant to RCW 17.28.110 and 17.28.120, a governing board of trustees consisting of five members, all of whom must be registered voters and reside within the boundaries of said district, will be appointed by the county legislative authority to oversee a mosquito control district. (Res. 99-103 (part), 8/9/99).

1.300.030 Board of trustees—Terms.

(a)    The beginning terms of the initial members shall be determined by lot at the first meeting with the bare majority of members serving one year and the remainder serving two years; subsequent terms shall be for two years; that the terms of each member shall be conveyed to the clerk of the board of county commissioners, 350 Orondo Avenue, Wenatchee, Washington 98801, 664-5215.

(b)    The secretary of the Brae Burn mosquito control district shall notify the clerk of the board prior to the expiration of each member’s term for reappointment or appointment of a successor by the legislative authority, and also upon resignation, death or disability of any member. (Res. 99-103 (part), 8/9/99).