Title 11


11.02    General Provisions

11.04    District Use Chart

11.06    Establishment of Zones/Map

11.08    Rural Residential/Resource—1 Dwelling Unit per 20 Acres (RR20)

11.10    Rural Residential/Resource—1 Dwelling Unit per 10 Acres (RR10)

11.12    Rural Residential/Resource—1 Dwelling Unit per 5 Acres (RR5)

11.14    Rural Residential/Resource—1 Dwelling Unit per 2.5 Acres (RR2.5)

11.16    Rural Waterfront (RW)

11.18    Rural Recreational/Residential (RRR)

11.20    Rural Village (RV)

11.22    Peshastin Urban Growth Area

11.23    Manson Urban Growth Area

11.24    Rural Commercial (RC)

11.26    Rural Industrial (RI)

11.28    Rural Public Lands and Facilities (RP)

11.30    Commercial Agricultural Lands (AC)

11.32    Commercial Forest Lands (FC)

11.34    Commercial Mineral Lands (MC)

11.72    Icicle Valley Design Review Overlay District

11.74    Airport Overlay District (AOD)

11.76    Planned Unit Development Overlay District (PDD)

11.77    Critical Areas Overlay District General Provisions and Administration

11.78    Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas Overlay District (FWOD)

11.80    Wetlands Overlay District (WOD)

11.82    Aquifer Recharge Areas Overlay District (AROD)

11.84    Frequently Flooded Areas Overlay District (FFOD)

11.86    Geologically Hazardous Areas Overlay District (GHOD)

11.88    Supplementary Provisions and Accessory Uses

11.89    Master Planned Resorts Overlay District (MPR)

11.90    Off-Street Parking and Loading

11.91    Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF)

11.92    Signs

11.93    Conditional Use Permits

11.95    Variances

11.96    Amendments

11.97    Nonconforming Lots, Structures and Uses

11.98    Reasonable Use Regulations

11.100    Cannabis

Appendix A—Graphics

Appendix B—Icicle Design Review Guidelines