Chapter 3.35


3.35.010    Local voters’ pamphlet authorized.

3.35.020    Contents of pamphlet.


Ord. 667    05/25/99

3.35.010 Local voters’ pamphlet authorized.

Publication and distribution of a local voters’ pamphlet, and appearances by other units of local government therein, in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 29.81A RCW, is hereby authorized. Said pamphlet may be published for any primary, general or special election. The authority to decide whether or not to publish a local voters’ pamphlet is vested in the Clallam County Auditor.

3.35.020 Contents of pamphlet.

If the Clallam County Auditor determines that a voters’ pamphlet shall be published, the pamphlet shall provide information on all measures and on all candidates for elective office and shall include matters required by Chapter 29.81A RCW including, but not limited to, identification of the pamphlet and participating jurisdictions; the date of the primary or election; information on how a person may register to vote and obtain an absentee ballot; the text of each measure accompanied by an explanatory statement and arguments for and against the measure; arguments for and against each measure; and candidates’ statements which may also include candidates’ photographs.