Title 5


5.01    Real Estate Sales Excise Tax

5.02    Second Quarter Percent Real Estate Sales Excise Tax

5.04    Sales or Use Tax

5.05    Sales and Use Tax for Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Treatment

5.06    Additional Sales or Use Tax

5.07    Criminal Justice Sales or Use Tax

5.08    Leasehold Excise Tax

5.10    Redirection of Existing Sales and Use Tax Revenues for Affordable Housing

5.12    Special Excise Tax on Lodging

5.13    Additional Special Excise Tax on Lodging

5.14    Excise Tax for Enhanced 911 Emergency Communications Systems

5.15    Repealed

5.16    Budget

5.17    Human Services Contracts from July to June

5.18    Lease Agreement with the City of Forks January 1, 1990 through December 31, 1999

5.20    Budget Copy Fee

5.21    Repealed

5.22    Surcharge for Funding Dispute Resolution Center

5.24    Check Processing Fee

5.26    Fees for Juvenile Diversion Services

5.28    Assessment Levied for Noxious Weed Control

5.29    Forest Excise Tax

5.30    Distressed County Sales Tax Credit

5.32    Surcharge for Funding Courthouse Facilitator Program

5.40    Opportunity Fund Program

5.45    Conservation Futures Fund

5.50    Veterans’ Affairs

5.100    Consolidated Fee Schedule