Chapter 5.26


5.26.010    Purpose.

5.26.020    Assessment of fees.

5.26.030    Services not to be withheld.


Ord. 526    10/05/93

5.26.010 Purpose.

Pursuant to the authority granted in Chapter 13.40 RCW (as amended by House Bill 1535 effective July 25, 1993) the Juvenile Court Administrator is authorized to assess fees to cover the costs of the administration and operation of diversion services provided under Chapter 13.40 RCW.

5.26.020 Assessment of fees.

The parent or legal guardian of a juvenile who receives diversion services must pay for the services based on the parent’s or guardian’s ability to pay. The Juvenile Court Administrator shall develop a fair and equitable payment schedule. Payment schedule will be based on the State and Federal poverty guidelines with the range of zero to $100 depending on ability to pay.

5.26.030 Services not to be withheld.

No juvenile who is eligible for diversion as provided in Chapter 13.40 RCW may be denied diversion services based on an inability to pay for the services.