Chapter 9.36


9.36.010    Purpose.

9.36.020    Authority.

9.36.030    Approval of boundary revisions.

9.36.040    Effective date.


Ord. 647    09/01/98

9.36.010 Purpose.

The City of Sequim wishes to revise a portion of its corporate boundary along its southern city/county line to add a contiguous 690-foot by 30-foot strip south of the centerline of Reservoir Road westward from its intersection with Third Avenue. The existing boundary line at that location follows the roadway centerline; the proposed change would result in the full 60 right-of-way coming within City boundaries. The Board of County Commissioners has considered the report of the County Road Engineer, and has determined that it is in the County’s best interest to approve the boundary revision. The revision will define a more consistent corporate boundary along Reservoir Road and will more clearly delineate responsibilities for road maintenance, law enforcement, and related matters.

9.36.020 Authority.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.21.210, the governing bodies of a county and a city therein may, by agreement, revise any part of the corporate boundary of the city which coincides with the centerline or edge of a public road right-of-way by substituting therefor a right-of-way line of the same public road to fully include that road segment within the corporate limits of the city.

9.36.030 Approval of boundary revisions.

In accordance with and subject to the provisions of RCW 35A.21.210(2), the Board of County Commissioners hereby approves the following proposed boundary revisions:

Reservoir Road No. 50610 in its entirety may be included within the corporate boundary of the City of Sequim. That portion of Reservoir Road authorized for transfer to the City of Sequim is legally described as the East 660 feet of the North 30 feet of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 30 North, Range 3 West, W.M., Clallam County, Washington; and the North 30 feet of the West 30 feet of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 30 North, Range 3 West, W.M., Clallam County, Washington.

9.36.040 Effective date.

This chapter shall take effect 10 days after adoption.