Chapter 19.20


19.20.010    General provisions.

19.20.020    Debris escaping from vehicle.

19.20.030    Ownership – Prima facie evidence.

19.20.050    Civil infraction.

19.20.055    Enforcement.

19.20.060    Effective date.


Ord. 13    02/05/64


Ord. 425    05/28/91

19.20.010 General provisions.

No person shall throw garbage, debris, bottles or any other waste material from any vehicle or otherwise deposit upon any public property or upon private property not owned by him, except at duly designated dumping places as set out and so marked and authorized by the Commissioners of this County or otherwise permitted by the owners of private property or by constituted public authority. “Property” as used herein shall include fresh and salt water bodies.

19.20.020 Debris escaping from vehicle.

No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any public highways situated in Clallam County unless such vehicle is so constructed or loaded as to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping therefrom, except that sand may be dropped for the purpose of securing traction, or water may be sprayed on roadways in the cleaning and maintaining of such roadways by public authority having such jurisdiction. Any person owning or operating a vehicle from which any objects have fallen or escaped shall immediately and in a safe manner cause the said highway to be cleaned of all such objects.

19.20.030 Ownership – Prima facie evidence.

The location of any garbage, bottles, debris, or waste material found upon any public property or upon private property not owned by the person identified as the owner of the garbage, bottles, debris or waste material, except as provided in CCC 19.20.010 or the location of objects upon any public highways situated in Clallam County shall be considered prima facie evidence of its having been illegally deposited upon said public or private property or public highway by the said identified owner thereof.

19.20.050 Civil infraction.

Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall be assessed a civil penalty in the amount of $250 and may further be penalized by the court as set forth in Chapter 7.80 RCW et seq., as now or hereafter amended.

19.20.055 Enforcement.

All law enforcement officers and the county litter control officer are authorized to issue notices of civil infraction; provided, that the procedure to be used for enforcement shall be that set forth in Chapter 7.80 et seq., as now or hereafter amended.

19.20.060 Effective date.

This chapter shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage, the welfare of the County of Clallam requiring such action.